Uniform Title, Fontamara. English. Description, London: Dent, xii, p. ; 23 cm. ISBN, (paperback) Series. EF. Notes. Fontamara by Ignazio Silone; 43 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Readers, Cover of: Fontamara | Ignazio Silone in English. Fontamara: Ignazio Silone: Silone produced his first novel, Fontamara, which was published in Zürich (; Eng. trans., ). It is a realistic and.

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The Modern Novel

They raise such Italian problems as regionalism, the clash of ideologies and the ways of portraying them in literary form. At the head of everything is God, the Lord of Heaven. As with many rural novels, Fontamara discusses the various seasons, and seasonal duties, such as the engllsh harvest in the vineyards.

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Fontamara – Silone Rawson – Oxford University Press

Innocenzo is a tax collector and helps the authorities enforce laws in Fontamara. And as this intense attention from Berardo had become so well known amongst Elivira’s friends, and she had not complained, or even changed her routine or the time of her outings [12] p. Zompa explains that God decided that a enhlish kind of louse should appear after every big revolution and then goes on to explain a dream he had.

The author also describes how despite being a priest, he does not protect the Fontamaresi from the rich and their unfair treatment. He is seen as a personification of the Church’s betrayal of the people in signing the Concordat also known as the Lateran Treaty with the Fascist State in He had inherited a large fortune from his ancestors but wasted it away.

An Italian edition was published in Zurich in but it was not published in Italy till the end of the war. Don Circostanza is the real enemy of the people of Fontamaraeven though he is known as L’Amico del Popolo the friend of the people [12] p.


And if he’s a fool and still doesn’t understand, burn down his villa at fontanara while he’s in bed with Donna Rosalia. Pelino had reported talk against the government and the Church, and new laws are put into place.

Pelino lies to them, saying “There are new authorities in office now, who hold the peasants in high esteem and wish to give consideration to their views. Berardo’s mother, Maria Rosa is poor and despairs of him when she sees his field destroyed by the flood and because she wants to see her son married to Elvira.

This edition includes an introduction and notes which help to set the novel in its historical and political context, both in Italy and the rest of Europe in the decade before the Second World War. Silone has no qualms about showing where his sympathy lies englisn, with the possible exception of Berardo and the Solito Sconosciuto [The Solitary Unknown]he does not paint these people in a heroic, Soviet-style manner but rather as people we can sympathise with, if not necessarily admire.

Catalogue Persistent Identifier https: You englksh view this on the NLA website. Their ignorance makes them vulnerable to exploitation.

The law is made by townsmen. They are disconnected with the world and don’t know about new laws like the Emigration Policywage rate changes, and identity cards and papers needed to get on a train or work elsewhere. Fontamara is a fictional small rural village in Marsica in the Abruzzo region.

Fontamara | work by Silone |

Request this item to view in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card. Un amore religioco per la giustixia. The book concerns the poor villagers of a fictitious village called Fontamara Italian for bitter fountain. Don Circonsanza’s motto is Fucino a chi lo cultiva Fucino to he who cultivates it and when they are invited to Avezzano they think they will get a chance to discuss the matter with the authorities, but the Fontamaresi discover that Cav.


With all this, we don’t know how he could have turned down the position of mayor [12] p. He refuses to help in a rebellion and goes to Rome to find work.

A boy delivers the news to the village and the women go to the regional capital city in order to protest. Can I borrow this item? He wrote to me: The vocabulary section is exhaustive, making the text suitable for those just coming to grips with the language.

Silone left Italy in on a mission to the Soviet Union and settled in Switzerland in It’s enough to see how much they make us pay for cloth and hats and boot leather. Berardo, in sacrificing himself for others, could ofntamara interpreted as a Christ-like figure. The themes embrace politics and religion, revolution and mysticism. She spends most of her days, and even her nights during the summer, on engllish stone at the entrance of her house, which was actually a cave.

On their way to the fields the men see workers deviating the watercourse. However he does not listen to them nor take their views into consideration because he sees them as inferior to him. He recounts the journey to Rome with Berardo and Berardo’s death.

The Fontamaresi say The law of Moses says “Thou Shalt not Steal” and The militia had come to Fontamara and violated a number of women — an abominable outrage, though in itself not incomprehensible. However, he is determined to get out and go and make his fortune in South America.