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File:FM pdf. From RadioNerds. Jump to: navigation, search. FM_ pdf (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). FM Tactical Radio Operations August PREFACE viii Chapter 1 APPLICATIONS FOR TACTICAL RADIO DEPLOYMENT 1 My ARMY Publications FM Tactical Radio Operations – mini size – dated This field manual (FM) serves as a reference document for tactical radio.

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Whip antennas mounted on 02.553 vehicle Figure Average layer distribution of the ionosphere B-8 Figure B Vertical half rhombic antenna Figure A typical transmitter and receiver connection Figure Techniques for minimizing transmissions and transmission times Table AS, medium gain antenna Figure Horizontally polarized wave Figure Advanced embedding details, examples, and help!

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Usage Public Domain Mark 1. Random data generator Figure LST-5 Figure For a briefing on the initiative see here Unfortunately many of the new gm have been placed behind controlled access gates and thus no longer are available to the general public.


JSIR information requirements continued Table Near term digital radio Figure Geometry during operations Figure 1 Department of the Army. Almost all documents are PDF-Files. NVIS propagation Figure Some of these documents are no longer available on the web, others still can be found on official sites.

Components of electromagnetic waves Figure Irregular variations of the ionosphere B-9 Table C Principal paths of radio waves B-5 Figure B V antenna Figure Radiation of radio waves from a vertical antenna B-3 Figure B S Army is streamling its training and doctrine publications in accordance with the Doctrine Initiative.

Long-wire antenna Figure Land mobile radio Figure Regular variations of the ionosphere B-8 Table B JSIR information requirements Table Readers having access to additional documents especially elder ones or draft publications completing this collection are encouraged to email copies to We express special thanks to Janne Kemppi for his constant and valuable help in making this collection possible complete.

Example of a declination diagram Figure Enhanced position location reporting system Figure ArmyUnited States. RT 1 Figure Julian date calendar regular year E-1 Table E Vehicular intercommunications system, VIC-3 components Figure Without his support it would be much smaller.


Half-wave dipole doublet antenna Figure Lightweight computer unit Figure Sustainment Brigade, 9 August [supersedes FM Example of world time zone conversion standard time E-3 Table F Prowords listed alphabetically continued Table A Interference resolution Army victim Figure ALE system handshake Table Techniques for minimizing transmissions and transmission times continued Table Solid radiation patterns Figure Frequency hopping multiplexer H-6 Table Possible antenna stacks H-5 Figure H Example for planning a CNR net Figure Wave shapes B Figure B HF antenna selection matrix C-4 Table E Some manuals might be still listed in the wrong subsection.

Surface conductivity B-7 Table B Examples of field expedient antenna insulators Figure Sky wave transmission hop paths B Figure B Field repair of broken whip antennas Figure Julian date calendar leap year E-2 Table E