2. C C Product. Submersible pump for pumping clean water, surface water and waste water containing solids or long-fibred material. Denomination. Dataplate. rpm. Max 40°C. YSER/Y//V. 26/51A. kWhp. Date: Flygt CS MT. Use our handy online form to submit details on your existing Flygt pump to get a Flygt C Submersible Pumps Range Flygt C LT Submersible.

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This manual clearly identify accepted methods for disassembling units. If the pump model is a Rinse the eyes for at least 15 minutes.

Back off the sleeve screws a quarter turn. Optional sensors Thermistor Thermistors are optional clygt for measuring the temperature. Do NOT use the pump in highly corrosive liquids.

Flygt Series / C Submersible Pumps

Contact Xylem for information. If the 31522 sheath of the cable is damaged, then replace the cable. If the unit or parts are accepted by an authorized recycling company, then follow local recycling laws and regulations. Not applicable for PL-version. Remove packing materials from the unit.

Use proper lifting methods and wear steel-toed shoes at all times. Connection to power Check that the connections are properly tightened. Use an eyewash or running water. The unit and the components can be heavy. This is an example of a sales denomination, and an explanation of its parts. Set the motor protection according to the data plate and if applicable the cable chart. Always state the serial number of your pump when you contact Xylem, see Product Description page For PL, use an M16 threaded rod, length minimum mm Clean chemicals from the body 1.


Grout the anchor bolts in place. Fasten the impeller, impeller hub, or propeller. Tighten the lock nuts evenly all around. Adjust the lower wear protection For the HS version, the lower wear protection may need adjustment. Install the guide bars: Lay the drive unit end on its side.

Flygt Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Manual Maintenance Major overhaul For a major overhaul, take this action in addition to the tasks listed under Inspection. If the insulation is less: Measures to secure performance and pump efficiency are defined and decided for each individual application.

Flygt 3000 Series / C Submersible Pumps

Use a rubber mallet or a wooden block to prevent deformation. Mount the impeller, impeller hub, or propeller. Make sure that the pump cannot rotate at startup or during operation.

Grease the new O-rings. Electrical connections regulations Electrical connections must be made by certified electricians in compliance with all international, national, state, and local regulations. Spare parts Xylem guarantees that spare parts will be available for 15 years after the manufacture of this product has been discontinued. Use a level or a plumb line.


Flygt – Alaska Pump and Supply |

Replace the valves, if necessary. Install the drive unit on the pump housing. You must connect an additional earth- ground- fault protection device to the earthed grounded connectors if persons are likely to come flyg physical contact with the pump or pumped liquids. Never lift the unit by the motor cable or by the hose.

Insulation Use a megger maximum Fljgt. Do NOT override the motor protection repeatedly if it has tripped. To pass, the value must exceed 5 megohms.

This includes any modification to the equipment or use of parts not provided by Xylem. Clean the level regulators.