Option package consists of a board in the A, a ribbon cable and a board for the Fluke A IEEE Translator. The 1 A must be used to interface A. Fluke A Benchtop Timer/Counter. A broadband continuously variable, x, analog attenuator lets you add just enough attenuation to minimize the input. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Fluke A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed.

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If a count-per- revolution input is used, resolution will translate directly to one RPM.

The A A input amplifiers signal conditioners exhibit very low noise. These blocks condition the input signal for compatibility with other circuitry within the counter. John Fluke Part No. When using these guidelines, the operator must exercise discretion.

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Multiple periods of frequencies between 5 Hz and I MHz may be averaged to obtain even greater resolution and accuracy than with Period measurements. Function Control On the UUT front panel; a. Check that the instrument has been connected 7250z appropriate line power. The linear operating range refers to the excursions of the input signal that can reliably trigger the input amplifier without distortion.

The information given in the following paragraphs is provided to assist in isolating malfunctions in the A. Unlike fluk, the waveform is not changed. Remove the top cover from the instrument using the procedure given in Section 4.


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Verify correct display digit placement and measurement unit annunciation per Table When placed in Flukke, the A will automatically step through a predetermined series of resolution settings. Table lists the test points. Figure 61 shows the frequency variation for change in temperature for an uncompensated oscillator and the compensation network effect. The reset input RI to Control Logic is derived in one of four ways. The position of the Resolution control determines the number N of cycles of Channel B input signal that must be used 7250q determine gate time.

Please reference the instrument model number when requesting a new shipping container. Noise of sufficient amplitude can, however, cause false triggering, resulting in inaccurate measurements during event timing functions.

Fluke 7250A Universal Counter Timer Dual Channel

This circuit consists of the series pass element, Ql; the sensing element, Rl; the control element, U1 A; and their associated circuitry. The GATE annunciator provides an indication of counting or timing in progress.

Line Voltage, or V ac.

This decreases the output of the op amp cutting off Ql. In Period Averaging, the same signal would be maximized atadisplay of ” As in lfuke measurements, the decimal point and units annunciator will be utilized to display the average elapsed time for one period of the Channel A input frequency.


Depending on the Slope Control setting, a positive or negative going Channel A input will now enable the Main Gate to pass the reference frequency. Trigger Error in Event Timing A Use precision four-wire resistance measurement techniques and a digital multimeter.

With AC-coupled inputs, such as on the A, low duty cycle signals will not be properly coupled to the input amplifier; the Trigger Offset control can be used to alleviate this situation.

Indicates the number of periods averaged in Period Average mode, and the number of cycles 7250z averaged in Ratio mode. With regard to any instrument returned within one year of the original purchase, said repairs or replacement will be made without charge.

If tight control of the instrument environment fails to produce the accuracy desired, the time base crystal related error can be reduced through recalibration or by substituting a time base with smaller errors. This manual documents the A Universal Counter-Timer under two categories.