You dont need transparency when printing (a print has no transparency) so quite many prints shops require you to flatten the transparency. If you want to save it as a flattened file, i.e. a file that no longer contains layers, then you just need to uncheck the ‘Create Acrobat Layers from. That’s why it defaults to PDF version (the equivalent of PostScript, one might say), making it necessary to flatten transparency, with all kinds of mysterious.

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Flattener Preview panel overview. If the version is higher than flatfen, then much transparency is maintained. Post as a guest Name. Either choose a preset or, if available, set specific options.

How to Flatten Layers in Illustrator.

Understanding ‘flattening artwork’ | Adobe Community

Once you’ve saved a copy of your work, bring up the Layers panel menu by clicking the dropdown arrow in the panel’s top right corner. Fourth reason is to retain art integrity when sharing trransparency others. Next, select a layer in the panel that you wish to consolidate all of the other layers into.

When you reopen the file in Illustrator, the native unflattened data is read. When I open the additional menu again, flatten artwork is still available, in other words hasn’t disabled, which I rather expected it to do if it had worked.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Affected Graphics InDesign only. Do you want to maintain the vector data? From the Highlight menu, choose the kind of areas you want to highlight. If your document or artwork contains transparency, to be output it usually needs to undergo a process called flattening.


I think I have followed the instructions although I am not entirely sure I have ‘chosen the layer’ as I don’t understand layers. You cannot delete the default presets.

You might never flxtten it for anything as its automagically applied for you but that does not mean its obsolete. Preserve Overprint Acrobat only. Then you can use transparency flattener to retain your graphics. Use the Flattener Preview panel to determine which areas of the artwork contain transparency. Sign up using Email and Password.

Second reason is export. The option remains ‘enabled’ in transpadency drop down menu Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I tried Document Info. Thanks for solving my issue! In the Dialog Box for Saving File as eps, for Transparency choose to Preserve the Overprints and choose the new preset that you just created.

Preview which areas of artwork will be flattened.

How to Flatten Layers in Illustrator – 24/7 Shutterstock Customer Support & Help

If I flatten it I still see the same image, but editing is a nightmare because it is now, ugh, 16 objects. If that is the case, the procedure I followed was to:. Line Art And Text Resolution. In the same menu set Background to Transparent option. Below, we’ve shared how to flatten layers in Illustrator, as well as how to merge translarency groups, so you can save your project in a popular digital format. Select the flattening settings you want to use, either by choosing a preset or setting specific options.


If a printer, client, or supplier is requesting flattened artwork then they are not using Illustrator.

How do I flatten a transparency in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop?

Third reason is if you want to flattrn the compound color and illustrato editing tricks that rely on the flatteners features. Print a file that contains transparency. Use Overprint Preview mode in Illustrator to preview spot colors, overprints, and blending modes as they will appear when output. To minimize stitching problems, select Clip Complex Regions. Fifth reason to be backwards compatible in workflow and file formats. Sometimes you can use this for cleanup.

If it was obsolete to you then then its obsolete today. Sign up using Facebook. Then the file is ready to be flattened using the following steps:. Highlights all text that will be outlined if involved in transparency or because Convert All Text To Outlines is selected. The red highlighted objects contain transparency and will be affected by flattening. Deselect this option when saving files for use in page-layout applications.

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