Pseudo courses typically satisfy the intent of the UCC, but are not exact matches to HUM UCC2W, Satisfies Humanities – Group Two and Gordon Rule Writing. (), ‘Measuring the usability of websites. Proc. Hum. Fact. Ergon. Soc. .. KIRAKOWSKI, J () VISUAL FORM DETECTION IN 3-DIMENSIONAL SPACE . NORFACE publish new call: Democratic governance in a turbulent age. Deadline for outline proposals: 19th February Read More.

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Human Factors Research Group.

UCC Search Inc Marquez Pl Santa Fe, NM Searchers Of Records – MapQuest

Forming Italian Language, Identity and Memory in Texts of Conflictdeals with a linguistic and thematic analysis of the last letters of people sentenced to death to death during the First and the Second World Wars, conducted with digital humanities tools.

By continuing without changing your cookie settings, we assume you agree to this. Improvement in medication adherence, based upon pharmacist involvement has been well documented and my research seeks to further underpin the role of the pharmacist in optimising medication adherence for the greater good of the patient.

Journal of Health Communication17 3: The Software Usability Measurement Inventory: In revisiting these exchanges and tensions I hope to generate new perspectives on current fnum in literature teaching and the humanities more broadly.


Madrid’ [Details] ‘What is Usability? Jurek Kirakowski Human – Computer Interaction: Irish Gerontological SocietyCoffey, A.

UCC Research Profiles: Laura Jane Sahm, Pharmacy

Journal of psychoactive drugs[DOI] [Details]. In the 20th century this was generally thought to be user satisfaction: Irish Pharmacy Journal84 Journal of Health Communication[Details] ‘Determining the frequency and preventability of adverse drug reaction-related admissions to an Irish University Hospital: Description of the Knowledge Base.

Cancer Gene Ther13 Moving Statues and Faith’ In: He is ghum researcher at Oxford University where he is the Digital Humanities advisor of the project Prismatic Translation.

Quality of Use of Multimedia Learning Systems: My project will thoroughly investigate these representations of female figures and feminine voices in poetry and several prose texts, including the writings of Catherine of Siena, to establish what models of cultural authority were available to female authors and characters in medieval texts. I will conclude by advocating an alternative notion of fhm conferral based on a different conception of legal recognition that emphasizes fhm epistemic and practical performances of subjects developed through their own relationships.

Furthermore, research predominantly in the United States has shown that people with inadequate literacy find health-related documents such as appointment cards, consent forms and prescriptions difficult to read and understand.

Usability Workshop Cierlik B. Kirakowski, J; Is ergonomics empirical? BioEngineered Bugs1 6: Gene Therapy – developments and future perspectives.

The research in my group is focused on the ways in which pharmacists can improve and optimise patients’ adherence to medication. UsabilityNet Project EC Female characters and feminine voices seem to have a significant role in critiquing and refining male-authored poetry, a phenomenon we can trace from fuum sonnets of the 13th-century Tuscan poet, Guittone d’Arezzo, to the Dante’s Vita nova and Divine Comedy, and beyond.


Irish Journal of Medical Science[Details].

University College Cork

The Magical Yearplus or minus seven Invited keynote address. Worked for a number of years at various international institutions Los Angeles, Boston, Copenhagen and published extensively in the fields of biological engineering and medicine. Human Comfort and Security, SpringeVerlag.

Please read our cookie policy to find out more. Challenges of deprescribing in the multimorbid patient. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy37 Pathogenic Agents or Harmless Commensals?

Usability maturity of IE Projects. Curr Gene Ther10 Women, Literature and Conflict, uses literature to tell the story of a decade dominated by chum and violence from the perspective of women and domesticity.

UCC 60 Chartwell Bratt, Bromley, Kent’ In: Innovative approaches to measuring and monitoring medication use in clinical and research settings. Journal of visualized experiments: A Qualitative Systematic Review’. Anticancer Res31 Pharmacists are the most easily-accessed member of the healthcare profession.

Journal of controlled release: