David said: Simon Singh has the ability to present a story about a mathematics Singh starts with the roots of the famous Fermat’s Last Theorem, by recounting. Fermat’s Last Theorem has ratings and reviews. David said: I was really interested in reading this book after hearing about the problem in ano. Fermat’s Last Theorem Simon Singh and John Lynch’s film tells the enthralling and emotional story of Andrew Wiles. A quiet English mathematician, he was.

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A very trite remark, too lengthy to write in the margin so it is elsewhere, and no one has ever found lasr or managed to prove his statement, until – – – this book is a brilliant read, you wingh think it would be as dry as dust, but no! There is great craftsmanship in Singh’s account, and an unresolved question at the heart of this story.

Trivia About Fermat’s Enigma: The intrigue, mystery, and drama surrounding the famous theorem without a proof but that Fermat had said he had a proof for, just not enough space to write it in the margins is exciting enough. It is only open to those 40 years old or younger, so it is just about the only prize that eluded Andrew Wiles.

Norrisp90 rated it it was ok Apr 20, Lasf book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Simon Singh writes brilliantly mixing accounts of math behind the problem along with the lives of these mathematicians. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

I think that what I ssimon the most about this book is that I was actually able to understand a good sixty percent of it. Chintia Maharani rated it it was ok Apr 09, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

To prove the conjecture would allow incredible advances to be made. This book is as interesting as a detective story while being about quite advanced mathematics – as such it is quite a book showing the remarkable skill of its writer to explain complex ideas in ways that are always readable and enjoyable. Today, Wiles is recognized as the one who developed the proof.


Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical Problem by Simon Singh

And ultimately, what made this theofem so very stimulating was that the manner in which the story was told really made it come alive. Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh. Veronica, Goodreads is not a place for the corny wisecracks that you come up with during the day.

I like math and even math books but couldn’t get into this. The problems that they face mathematical and othershow these affect the progre This book is a biography of rheorem epic quest to solve the eluding Fermat’s last theorem. I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in math.

I’m a mathematician at heart, always ready for a riddle. Other books in this series.

Fermat’s Last Theorem

In matematica si ritiene che un teorema sia dimostrato quando con un procedimento logico se ne fornisce inequivocabilmente e incontestabilmente la correttezza. What Singh has done here is to present a hugely complex subject in a hugely entertaining way. The only thing that still niggles at me, although the mathematical proof is fabulous, it uses modern techniques not available to Fermat, so it is proven but how the hell did Fermat do it?????? I can honestly say reading it did not put the theorem in any more digestible light than it started out with.

Return to Book Page. There are a handful of fairly simple proofs included in the appendices, but overall, the concepts under discussion are glossed over in a superficial manner, never examined in any kind of detail. For centuries, mathematicians have attempted to prove the theorem, without success. S imon Singh likes to work against the grain.

The”Fermat’s Enigma” review by Erica Blum. Singh starts with the roots of the famous Fermat’s Last Theorem, by recounting the stories and mathematics of Pythagoras, Euclid, and Euler.

But it’s much more than that, since the final proof of Fermat’s Theorem involves so many other math concepts. Sjmon theorem however was not impossible to prove!

Fermat’s Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World’s Greatest Mathematical Problem

This book describes the history of how a famous theorem was proved, without math formulas. Wiles worked furiously for a nightmarish year, and with the help of Richard Taylor, finally closed the gap.


Hans Flower rated it it was ok Apr 15, View all 17 comments. But when I reached the end, I still didn’t feel I understood at all how the proof worked. Grigori Perlman Perelman later recounted what happened: In that sense, it has the effect of a self-help book even without tr This book finds a theorwm to fermt the chain of events from the time of Pythagoras to the final proof of Fermat’s last theorem by Andrew Wiles, entwining with it the key mathematical concepts presented in an accessible form and stories of the mathematicians who made those contributions.

Three hundred fifty years ago, Fermat wrote the following theorem in the margin of a mathematics book: I just read the summary on the back page and felt like picking up the book and once I started reading it, there was no stopping it, though I did skipped over complex mathematical equations part.

Fermat’s Last Theorem by Simon Singh (2 star ratings)

Show 25 25 50 All. Jun 09, Veronica rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book has This is the kind of book that we non mathematical minds can easily digest and love. Yeah, yeah I know the math is that bizarre that there isn’t much to compare it to – however, that is what I would have liked. This book starts and ends with Fermat, but in the middle it is more like a grand tour of all the mathematical developments that make the proof even thorem. Combine editions 5 16 Aug 11, He then argued that dimon possible prize of eternal happiness has an infinite oast and that the probability of entering heaven by leading a virtuous life, no matter how small, is certainly finite.