Fat Is a Feminist Issue [Susie Orbach] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In one volume together with its bestselling sequel When it was first. Published 40 years ago, psychotherapist Susie Orbach’s Fat Is a Feminist Issue remains a cult classic for its penetrating insights into the cultural obsession. Susie Orbach (born 6 November ) is a British psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic. Her first book, Fat is a Feminist Issue, analysed the.

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Because they feel so bad about their bodies. We are talking of large industries and excessive hours spent in persuading us to labour over transforming while attempting to live from our bodies. The desperation that exists to be at peace and dwell in our bodies clashes with the knowledge that such schemas promote or reinforce confusion about appetite and desire.

Susie Orbach – Wikipedia

So, too, with other food and diet fads. By the time they become preteens, girls have been living on their smartphones. Aug 03, Andrea rated it really liked it Shelves: Feminnist and health professionals tell me they have noticed a dramatic change. I can’t decide whether reading this book would be good to help me frame my body image in a feminist view or if it would still be too triggering at this point in recovery.

Not all the possible reasons for staying overweight had to do with feminism, as the title of this book may suggest. I bring up the language of “true” and “false” self because I think, even though she doesn’t explicitly pay homage, Orbach’s theory and method both must be significantly influenced by Winnicott’s in “Ego Distortion in Terms of the True and False Self” From The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment.


Weight is irrelevant to the primary problem. Fat Is A Feminist Issue talked about our lived experience: Ultimately, Orbach’s views are her personal views informed by clinical practice and embedded within a feminist and psychoanalytic perspective. I didn’t expect to relate so much to the different reasons that I could be choosing to stay overweight, but after reading this book I now have no doubt that at least part of my This is a book I have heard mentioned every now and then for many years and I have always wanted to know what the book was about.

Orbach is also a co-founder of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility. Susie Orbach — The psychotherapist made famous by Fat Is a Feminist Issue is now analysing the obsession of both sexes with their looks”.

I read this book while I was trying to recover from my eating disorder and I found some parts really enjoyable, but other parts made me angry. In other words, what your fat says about you, is: I thought there was a danger following this particularly if you do it on your own that all that will happen is that you’ll recognise your fears surrounding fat, and then stop there.

Orbach is a convener of Anybody, an organisation that campaigns for body diversity. Many of us started challenging the homogeneity of what constituted beauty.


Fat Is a Feminist Issue

But Fat Is A Feminist Issue discusses how we can turn food into a friend and find ways to accept ourselves for who and how we are. I naively hoped my book would change the world. But every once and a while a passage orbbach really resonate with me and make a lot of sense and be enlightening and I think the techniques can be helpful.

This should alarm us. I also really didn’t like the premise in the book that orvach start out slender and then put on weight to cope with various issues I can’t remember if Orbach explicitly says “because of the patriarchy” but it was something along those lines. I think the answer, unfortunately, is “it depends on who you …more Hi!

It’s not a diet book–it’s an ANTI-diet book!

In this book jssue looked at the unconscious meanings of fat and thin and why people eat when they aren’t physically hungry.

Lists with This Book. The energy from MeToo, with its reinvigoration of feminism, can help us say enough is enough.

A quick reminder Fat is a Feminist Issue | Books | The Guardian

But it wasn’t really that. Then, suddenly the Sixties spoke to women about their own experience. Jul 29, Lizzy rated it really liked it. I discovered that I could use my London University history credits there.