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The deeper I think about Nariman, the more it’s clear he is suffering from all the most cherish things in life: When the flute of life suddenly starts belting cantankerous sounds, it is easier to blame the flute maker; the chinks in our playing armour are conveniently swept beneath the carpet.

I loved them, abhorred them, cared for them and wanted to yell at them sometimes, and I’ll remember their fate and their evolution for a long time. But in this case, I really must stress that Family Matters is one of the best books I have ever read.

Family Matters Quiz

While I still preferred A Fine Balance of the two stories I’ve read by him it was grander in scalethe more intimate Family Matters is still percent maters fare with rich, evocative, Dickensian characters, set against the sprawling, corrupt, bustling backdrop of Bombay-soon-to-be-Mumbai, India.

Alex Duncan At times yes it is hilarious.

Crazy- ridiculously – beautiful – this book is Login to quote this blog Login Close. For example Yezad started gambling illegally because he was having a hard time making ends with the added financial stress medical costs, etc.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry

Two events occurred that more or less knocked me out of my reading orbit and I feel like the author took a slightly different direction at this point than I had wanted to go. Interestingly, of those who fail, some pick famipy up, admit their mistakes, and move on with more depth and wisdom.

He throws out the phrase of ordinary people with ordinary lives. The politically fouled air and terror among the people affecting the life of Yezad and Mr.


How much better, their lives, if they could remember the end. I do it because I could read hundreds of novels set in the Western world, and they would improve my vocabulary and my literary frre, but they would only reinforce my biases and beliefs. Why, else, should I envy Husain, the looted peon, who possesses a spirit so much greater than the loss he suffered at the hands of religious fanatics that his volatility alone is his purifying fragrance?

Want to Read b. Nariman Vakeel has a fall, Jal and Coomy his step children, send their father to their half sister Roxanne. This book is superb and in fact all his books are riveting.

I looked up more information about Zoroastrianism Watching them through Roxana’s eyes who is Jehanger’s mother and Nariman’s daughtermade me think this is why people continue to create families in spite of the shoving and shaping families do to fwmily destinies. Feb 08, Ambar rated it it was amazing Shelves: A God in Ruins. Born With A Tooth.

And the people portrayed by Mistry are wonderfully recognizable for everyone throughout the world: The characters like the letter-writer,shop owner, violinist, gambler were very unique though playing the supporting cast were quite unique and lovable too. Jun 18, David Fqmily rated it it was amazing Recommended to David by: And then it brings us down ” Is this book hilarious like ‘A Fine Balance’? If you took all of Shakespeare’s tragedies, condensed them into a story about one family, and set it in Bombay in the s, this book would be the result.

What would the circumstances be if my father was not financially well enough to take care of my grandfather during his last days surviving cancer?

Family Matters Quiz

Corruption, jealousy, regret, and resentment all take turns rearing their heads; I found myself wondering again and again if the story would have a happy ending. A very realistic story written by some sense of humor. I admired how Mistry made me feel like you could come to love this city and despise it at the same time. This is an exquisi Rating: Mistry is a master of the detail. That interview was part of the book tour that, unfortunately, occurred too soon after From the Trade Paperback edition.


Jal was more mild mannered and acquiescent.

Nariman carries around a lot of guilt, and it is interesting to see the contrast between the young man and the ailing one in the present day.

Jul 17, Brinda rated it liked it. Nariman must now turn to his younger daughter, Roxana, her husband, Yezad, and their two sons, who share a small, crowded home. The Course of Love. Sweeping and intimate, tragic and mirthful, Family Matters is a work of enormous emotional power. Life on the Edge in Bombay. Always honest before, Jehangir overhears how his parents are tight for money and wonders how he can help. May be I would read it again sometimes to see what has changed with me being 35 now and also my own growth as a reader as well.

Just goes to show how people can turn greedy, mean spirited and careless. When they no longer wanted to take care of him – mostly tired of taking cared of his bodily functions. So in a fit of meanness they send their step father to Roxanne.

I like learning stuff in books and this one made me look up many things about the Parsi community and other topics I didn’t know much about, but Familiy Matters can definitely be also read just as a great story without getting further involved in Indian history or politics. Such is life anywhere and everywhere perhaps. When the year-old patri Well, I read this the whole way through and Steve Urkel didn’t appear once, folks.

Its not that I expected a particularly happy conclusion but the almost comedic beginning didn’t match the rather gloomy religiosity of the ending. This was written in – 13 years ago I am no angel and the pristine white enveloping me is a well-fabricated dwelling that I carry with temporary aplomb, aware somewhere deep inside that some of its bricks are turning cancerous by my vices.