Pour holy water on any of them.”23 The late Victoria Eto considered water spirits were demons, but paradoxically, her Exposition on Water Spirits depicts its. Title: Exposition on water spirits; Author: Eto, Victoria; Formats: Editions: 3; Total Holdings: 5 Exposition on water spiritsby Eto, Victoria, eng, 3, , GR He became part of the spirit world and could travel at will to any part of the globe. Victoria Eto, Exposition on Water Spirits, Warri: Shalom Christian Mission.

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Through the geographical location a man lives or where he is born.

Again, we are not discussing the secret cult members who are in the churches some are even leaderswe know they are there. I watched him and as he bent down to price some commodities I watee an oncoming trailer loaded with drums of oil into the market where he was. A second time again, I woke up and heard some noise in the living room.

Drowning Water Spirits: A Spiritual Warfare Intensive

She was born again and was full member of one of the ‘living’ churches. When the Bible says: I came back to earth after two weeks having acquired expositoin from them. I turned to the Church and became a full member of the Assemblies of God church in my village I still am but unfortunately no one cared even when some of the members knew about me.

They brought out files where my name had already been written and asked me to sign gictoria it. When a man comes to us for an assistance to build a prayer house and help him performing healings etc.

Victroia the child is a male he will live and even be trained only to die suddenly. In a city called Venice, 30 minutes away from Santa Monica, California, there is a beachfront where there is much apparent occult activity.

Sometimes the member would be advised to bring a goat etc. As soon as the one he had donates passes, he would be asked to strike and as this happens the victim would die where he is.


Delivered from the powers of Darkness

And I believe that is what the Bible says: But we are here discussing the agents of Satan in the churches. An orphan is an unfortunate child and more exposed to attacks expositin the devil than children with parents.

They asked me to call the name of Jesus, I refused. Technical Writing Services, Inc. But the scriptures say:.

To have access to supernatural power. On my way back to my flat, passing through a path, someone came from behind and gripped me and tried to suffocate me i.

Since I had already said a few things on the above in chapter three, I will only give you a testimony of what happened in the recent past. A mother is a protector of body and soul but it becomes double tragedy when both parents are lost and more so in most mysterious circumstances. There are certain actions Christians have to watch out, for you might see a lady or perhaps a gentleman who suddenly touches your stomach or any part of your body.

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God called him your enemy, why not believe God and His Word? A few of such reasons include:. There is nothing God can do long as you do not repent of your sins of idolatry. The one in my right hand was to empower me to destroy and the ones in the legs are to make me more hardened and to become more dangerous and also to enable me change to a woman, beast, bird, cat, etc. O Pharaoh king of Egypt.

I later struggled out of the pit and through another route returned to the village. Waging War with Knowledge, Daniel Onyechi. Will you be there? A sacrifice may be even be given to appease the demon. These were three covenants: His escape was miraculous because he came out of the vehicle through the boot of the bus and shouted: In his church he would preach, exposing the works of darkness, after which he started binding demons.


At the end of it and as we were about to leave, I was asked to come back alone the following day by the Leader. So I decided to shelve giving my testimony to anyone. He had an appointment where he was to give his testimony. As the bus was on high speed, I wheeled it out of the road and it went and crashed onto a tree. I obeyed, walked out and they followed behind. They function through idols in the practice of idolatry Zachariah What about Jesus, didn’t He do everything perfectly?

Tossing coins into water bodies and making a wish with such actions result in infestation with water spirits because this is indirectly invoking them to work for the person. I obeyed and quietly knelt down. He also told us that we should not fight the hypocrites.

In the case of some big rivers in Africa some of which run through more than one nation, kings and presidents raise marine altars at the source of such rivers and derive witchcraft power for their oppressive rule from such worship of water spirit.

I did not even know what to pray at that time but only said: The gathering will not come. That same night, about 2: These are days that the Lord wants to teach principalities and power His manifold wisdom, the days Prophet Joel says:. Here again my landlord was very furious and spigits Be troubled, you complacent ones. I read up to Class III and dropped out of school as a result of lack of fund for fees etc. I walked to a point and He stepped out of the throne to me, removed my legs one after ecposition and poured out what was inside them and fixed them back.

In it also I was instructed to do the following: