For Evochron Mercenary on the PC, FAQ/Strategy Guide by guile_ To optimise the size of the guide I have amalgamated and edited some of the Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also. I do not claim ownership of most of info in this guide – it has been gleaned from the Don’t forget the Evochron Mercenary Guide (The Legends Guide is also.

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By the turn of the century, most Federation companies departed the system and Lambda now primarily consists of just a few scattered independent colonies. The zero gravity drifting will make it more difficult for your opponent’s weapon tracking system to follow your movement, making you a much harder target to hit.

Your ship is a flying brick and you’ll mercenaey much more vulnerable at the slow speeds and limited maneuverability caused by atmosphere flight. It usually takes a skilled group of pilots to defeat one of these ships. The economy is low here, but there are no docking fees for most mercenaries and expenses are equally low, including some of the lowest prices for for fuel in the lower region of Evochron.

Are there black holes? If one hostile ship is in range, they can report your location to other hostile ships in the area, resulting in others joining in to attack mercdnary. Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into this Game. The engine outlets provide main thrust for moving forward and in reverse while the maneuvering thrusters provide rotational and strafe control.


Evochron Mercenary Guide and Walkthrough – Giant Bomb

The Predator is generally regarded as the Alliance Navy’s most powerful heavy attack spacecraft. Make sure this is what you intended. Read here how it’s being done. Since the system also msrcenary a moderate economy level, you’ll make a decent amount of credits and avoid encountering the high number of enemies usually encountered in hostile systems.

Steam Community :: Evochron Mercenary

When flying in combat, try to minimize using missiles as they are expensive and can deplete the profit you make from guode contract. You may also want to use the jump drive to minimize the time you give hostile forces to anticipate your arrival and attempt intercepting you. As the beacon quest hints at, there is more to this system than may appear at first. Aries Aries is a hostile system where battles often rage for the few scarce resources available.

It works by storing extra power in a network of capacitors, supplying sufficient energy for dvochron firing cycles of the primary weapons. Its rounded shape and powerful energy system allow it to have a high level of assembly resources and support for energy hungry shield systems. If you spend a lot in fuel to travel from one location to another for a trade, you can sometime lose much of the profit you think you are making. Commodities Food can be scarce in Evochron.

Guia Evochron Mercenary

An excellent multi-role frame. Engage at long range with missile, but try to remain at high speed and far enough away to evade any missiles they may fire back at you. The prices vary quite a lot By now you’ve probably noticed that contracts just don’t pay out very well, and that combat has a very steep learning curve. You may need to activate certain thrusters to fine tune the maneuver so you can achieve the right momentum.


Any array that is at a red level is critical and doesn’t have enough energy to protect your ship from direct impacts against the hull. Olympus is a mostly friendly system with the limited number of hostiles being equipped with low level weapons and ships.

One of the main elements of the game’s universe related to combat is the ship detection and AI system. It’s best to also cut your engines and turn off the IDS to reduce your heat signature, which will make it more difficult for these heat sensing weapons to keep their lock.

The combination of no engine exhaust with countermeasures can mean very little evocnron of getting hit by an inbound missile. These will ecochron a C5 Fulcrum Drive, which sell for a good bit more.

I found the Wraith much better than the StarMaster. Military ships do significantly better in combat, even fairly low level ships.

If you haven’t read the instructions fvochron, it is recommended that you do so first before using this guide. Most mercenaries who prefer the advantages of the Striker frame choose the Phoenix as the best version. This makes Orion a good location for buying and it’s a fairly safe system for new mercenaries who may not be ready for more hostile systems with more advanced technology.