Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council [Pope Paul VI] on . Evangelica Testificatio is an apostolic exhortation issued by Pope Paul VI in , concerning the renewal of religious life according to the teaching of the. Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Front Cover.

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Evangelica Testificatio (29 de junio de ) | Pablo VI

That cry must, first of all, bar you from whatever would be a compromise with any form of social injustice. Religious life already existed in germ, and progressively it felt the growing need of developing and of taking on different forms of community or solitary life, in order to respond to the pressing invitation of Christ: Christus Dominus This discipline is increasingly necessary for anyone who “returns to the heart,” 49 in the biblical sense of the term, something deeper than our feelings, ideas and wishes, something imbued with the idea of the infinite, the absolute, our eternal destiny.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. We commend you to Our most dear brothers in the episcopate who, together with their collaborators in the priesthood, realize their own responsibility in regard to the religious life.

Too many contrary attractions lead one to seek first of all for a humanly effective activity.

Disorderly outbursts, which appeal to fraternal charity or to what one believes to be inspirations of the Spirit, can also lead to the breakup of communities. It is continually wvangelica to revitalize external forms with this interior driving force, without which these external forms would very quickly become an excessive burden.

May testifiicatio unity of hearts and minds be always found there, in exact correspondence to the spiritual and supernatural goal which is pursued.

La fidelidad a sus exigencias es la piedra de toque de la autenticidad de una vida religiosa. Small communities, instead of offering an easier form of life, prove on the contrary to make greater demand on their members. Ibid14, p. Fortalecer el hombre interior Lumen Gentium46, AAS 57,p.


There is no doubt that community spirit, relationships of friendship and fraternal cooperation in the same apostolate, as well as mutual support in a shared life chosen for a better service of Christ, are so many valuable factors in this daily progress.

The Lord obliges each one to “lose his life” if he is to follow Him. Let us add this: Gaudium et spes, 43, A. Through this profession, in fact, you make a total offering of your will and enter more decisively and more surely into His plan of salvation.

Widening the dialogue : reflection on Evangelica testificatio

To the extent therefore that you carry on external activities it is necessary that you should learn to pass from these activities to the life of recollection, in which the vigor of your souls is renewed. In the needs of daily life Finally, it reaches, transforms and imbues with a mysterious likeness to Christ man’s being in its most hidden depths. Such an aim will make of your religious families the vital environment which will develop the seed of divine life—the seed which was planted in each of you at Baptism and which your consecration, if lived to the full, will enable to bear its fruits in the greatest abundance.

It is the witness of men and women capable of accepting the abnegation of poverty, and of being attracted by simplicity and humility; it is that of those who love peace, who are free from compromise and set on complete self-denial—of those who are at the same time free and obedient, spontaneous and tenacious, meek and strong in the certainty of the Faith. Various encumbrances or rigid forms accumulated over the centuries need to be curtailed.

In this way, the world too is present at the center of your life of prayer and offering, as the Council has explained with force: If the risk is to have good results, certain conditions must be respected.

This way is not, as you know, a movement of the political or temporal order; it calls rather for the conversion of hearts, for liberation from all temporal encumbrances. Thus, far from being in evvangelica to one another, authority and individual liberty go together in the fulfillment of God’s will, evanngelica is sought fraternally through a trustful dialogue between the superior and his brother, in the case of a personal situation, or through a general agreement regarding what concerns the whole community.


Held in Testivicatio grasp, you abandon yourselves to His sovereign action, which draws you toward Him and transforms you evanggelica Him, as it prepares you for that eternal contemplation which is the common vocation of us all.

According to the expression testificafio the Didache, “if you share eternal goods, with all the more reason should you share testifixatio goods that perish. Para que esto sea verdaderamente beneficioso es necesario respetar algunas condiciones. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Perfectae caritatis, 1, A. For our part, We must be firmly and surely convinced that the value and the fruitfulness of chastity observed for love of God in religious celibacy find their ultimate basis in nothing other than the Word of God, the teachings of Christ, the life of His Virgin Mother and also the apostolic tradition, as it has been unceasingly affirmed by the Church.

Poverty and justice Some of you have been called to the life which is termed “contemplative. How can benefit be obtained from past experience and from present reflection, in order to strengthen this form of evangelical life?

Sencillez acogedora de la vida comunitaria Consider, therefore, every other immediate activity to which you must devote yourselves—fraternal relationships, disinterested or remunerative work, necessary recreation—as a witness rendered to the Lord of your intimate communion with Him, so that He may grant you that unifying purity of intention which is so necessary for encountering Him in prayer itself. Autoridad y obediencia Nor should these activities in any way lead you towards secularization, to the detriment of your religious life.

If according to your constitutions the houses to which you belong widely practice fraternal hospitality, it will be for you to regulate the frequency and mode of that hospitality, so that all unnecessary disturbance is avoided, and so that your guests are helped to attain close union with God.