HP EVA P Storage is an enterprise class virtual storage array family for midsized customers at an affordable price. With built in. EVA Starter Kits include disk drives and Command View EVA unlimited And EVA software is still available. QuickSpecs. HP Enterprise Virtual Array . Link to QuickSpecs The EVA / family is designed for the data center where there is a critical need for improved storage utilization and scalability.

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Snapshots and clones are useful tools to facilitate data restores, minimize downtime for backups, perform application testing, support data quickspec, and use in decision support tools. EVA licenses are not transferable from one array to another array.

Once they are set, capacity provisioning and reclamation are automatic allowing the administrator to focus on other business critical tasks. Not only is managing replication easier, it also results in the ability to make replication: Team with the people who know HP infrastructure hardware and software best-the experienced professionals at HP Services. You can display performance metrics evq6400 in the Windows PerfMon utility, or display metrics in tabular form in a command prompt window using EVAPerf software from the command line.

Quikcspecs replication is appropriate when exact consistency is critical to the business application.

EVA allows for increased flexibility and improved capacity utilization by supporting changing the Vraid type with Cross Vraid Snapshot and Snapclone, within the same disk sva6400 and Cross Vraid Snapclone across disk groups. Using this feature, EVA virtual disks and host configuration information can be migrated to a 3PAR destination storage system without changing host configurations or interrupting data access.

All P software products offer only frame based licenses; quic,specs one license is required to quickspes software on an array irrespective of capacity on that array. Performance Advisor software is well integrated with the HP P Command View Software for single pane of glass management and performance monitoring.

Danitra Brown Leaves Town day 1. P SmartStart Software has a low memory footprint. Virtually capacity free snapshots demand allocated allow the user to create a point-in-time copy, or demand allocated snapshot, of a specified Virtual Disk LUN. Because more disk space is available, data that was once spread over multiple silos within the data center and beyond can be consolidated onto fewer arrays. Business Management QuickSpecs advertisement. Most DR products pledge that operations will resume following downtime typically unexpected.


Protects valuable data Valuable data is protected by integrating host and storage operations during expand and shrink cycles. Snapclones provide the ability to take and use a clone without extensive advance preparation.

Leverage the full strength of HP Technology Services – customers can trust the services professionals at HP to work collaboratively with them, putting our strategic and technical know-how to work across their entire infrastructure. Long “re-synch” times are also eliminated with Snapclones since a current clone copy can be available for use in minutes, not hours.

The Snapclone normalizes in the background so that no time is wasted waiting for the copy to complete.


Best practice suggest Choose the right level of support, deployment and integration services HP support recommendations are designed to help you enhance technology operations and lower risk-and make it easier for you to seek the right balance between affordability and service-level commitments.

A license is not required for the Quorum server assuming that the CLX Resource is not installed on the Quorum server and cluster nodes that do not have the CLX resource installed.

Allocating minimal amounts of storage to each user or process eliminates wasteful over-provisioning. Fast application recovery with minimal or no transaction loss Support of various interconnects saves cost by utilizing a variety of existing interconnects for long distance replication and application recovery to a metropolitan, regional or continental.

Refer the P EVA software compatibility guide for the ea6400 firmware versions supported and other limitations Quickspes P software products offer only frame based licenses; only one license is required to enable software on an array irrespective of capacity on that array. Reduces capital and operational expenses Achieving higher capacity utilization rates reduces the need to purchase excess storage capacity and software licenses. Protect your business beyond warranty Warranty protects against manufacturer defects, however warranty uplifts, such as HP Care Pack Services protect the business-by reducing downtime risks and providing operational consistency for missioncritical and standard business computing.

Capitalizing on HP Storage Systems’ capabilities requires a service partner who understands your increasingly complex environment. HP P Command View v The compatibility reference is listed in the General reference section. The software resides in memory and does not require to be installed on the host SmartStart Software being a single user, single threaded has both the client and the server on the same host.


Greener IT Allowing more servers to share a single thin provisioned storage system encourages storage system consolidation, reducing system proliferation and simplifying IT operations that may have been complicated by the addition of virtualized servers to the data center.

The replication solutions manager manages all local and remote replication features across the full P family. Cross Vraid Snapshot and Snapclones: To assist the user, information on the replication environment is presented in a variety of views, including an interactive topology manager quickdpecs allows each user to select their viewing preference.

HP / Enterprise Virtual Array

It provides support for Fibre channel or iSCSI connectivity that provides choice based on your business needs which maximizes your existing infrastructure investment. Ability to manage quickspfcs than one array with a single instance of Command View software. If none of our support recommendations meet your needs, we can tailor a service solution for your unique support quicksspecs.

In both Windows and Linux configurations, km or up to 20 ms support roundtrip delay furnishing protection from any single site event.

P Command View software will run on any general purpose server including c-class and p-class blades or dedicated management server that meets the following hardware requirements: X86 and x64 architectures are supported 1. Designed for the enterprise market, DC-Management Software uses advanced automation to automatically “right-size” the supported file system and the EVA P Vdisk storage volume to the needs of an application.

No server reboot Disks on the Server on both the primary and secondary sites are recognized during the initial system boot in a CLX EVA environment; therefore LUN presentation and LUN mapping changes are not necessary during failover or failback – eva4600 a truly hand-free disaster tolerant solution. With the combination of HP Continuous Access’ unique remote qiuckspecs technologies and the unparalleled easy to use RSM interface, enterprises can ensure their information is protected in the event of a disaster.

It also has the ability to generate customized reports with multiple charting options, which can help troubleshoot performance issues.