EUROLITE STC User Manual. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG USER MANUAL STC Lighting Stand Für weiteren Gebrauch aufbewahren! Keep this. Buy your Eurolite STC wind-up light stand at Bax Music and enjoy delivery in 2 business days, a 3-year warranty and our lowest-price guarantee. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Eurolite STC – Soporte para iluminación (4 m) at Amazon UK.

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Pull the safety-rope through the hole in the mounting-bracket and over the crossbeam. Make sure that the respective area is blocked. All devices, lighting effects and crossbeams attached on a stand must be be secured with a secondary attachment!

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The installation is only allowed on carrying areas. Operate the device only after having become familiar with its functions. DuraTruss Strap with tensioner Before taking into operation, every stand has to be checked upon possible damages. Let the still-taught safety bolt slide into the bore-hole.

This device is designed for professional use, e. Loosen the upper fixation screw of the legs. Please consider a sufficient stability rurolite the installation!


Native Instruments Komplete 11 Upgrade – upgrade Eurolite Go to product group: Um diesen Zustand zu erhalten und einen gefahrlosen Betrieb euroljte, muss der Anwender die Sicherheitshinweise und die Warnvermerke unbedingt beachten, die in dieser Bedienungsanleitung enthalten sind. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy and your web browser settings.

Repeat the same procedure with the lower safety bolt and telescopic tube until the desired height is reached. All screws used for installing the devices or parts of the device have to be tighly connected and must not be corroded. In some cases, an appropriate substructure, e.

Eurolite STC lighting stand 4m

Bereich unter dem Stativ bzw. This website uses cookies in order to help us deliver our services. Dabei muss unter anderem auf folgende Punkte besonders geachtet werden: Scheinwerfer oder Lichteffekte befestigen lassen.

When rigging, derigging or servicing the fixture staying in the area below the installation place, on bridges, under high working places and other endangered areas is forbidden.

The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are inspected by a skilled person once a year.


Eurolite STC-400 Wind-Up Stand, black, W: 21kg, Load: 80kg, Height: 180 – 410cm, Adaptor: 28mm

The dealer will not accept liability for any resulting defects or problems. Dunlop Standard Tortex 0. Please use a moist, lint-free cloth. Never use alcohol or solvents!

Achten Sie darauf, dass der entsprechende Bereich abgesperrt ist. If inclined tension cables or prolonged outriggers are used, the area of danger has to be marked or even be blocked. The carrying capacity of the stand must never exceed 75 – 80 kg! In case of gravitational displacement or uneven ground surface, the lengthening of one leg corrects the situation.

Insert the end in the quick link and tighten the safety screw. Anbringen von Ballastgewichten, zu treffen. Ein unbeabsichtiges Bewegen der Last muss verhindert werden.