Holden Furber; The English Utilitarians and India. By Eric Stokes. (New York: Oxford University Press. Pp. xvi, $), The American Historical Rev. OTHER REVIEWS. Jacobinism. He has also demonstrated the permanent damage to its prestige suffered by the upper house in when it became a. utilitarianism on Indian education: K. A. Ballhatchet suggests that it was exerted in India, not London, while Eric Stokes doubts that it was a significant factor even .

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They were victorious in securing an Indian Church establishment, freedom for missionary work, and the appropriation of an annual sum for education. Whig theory had maintained that to prevent administrators and judges abusing their authority, it was important to make the exercise of power impersonal and collective, through the agency of boards, committees, or benches of judges.

If you originally registered with a username please use that to sign in. Eric Wiland – – Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 74 2: Related articles in Google Scholar. As in England its intellectual cast meant that in a pure form it could never be more than the creed of a minority.

Sharp, pp et seq 3 See note B, p Yet their spirit was far from revolutionary. Malcolm, with the others, had no illusion that British rule could ever rest on the affection of the people; its security depended on the impression of its invincibility.

The English Utilitarians And India by Eric Stokes

While seated on ztokes rock, I am, or fancy that I am more thoughtful than when below. Email alerts New issue alert. If the new British Empire were to be a dominion not over territory but over the wants of the universe, it followed that it was more important to civilize than subdue.

The fact that territorial dominion had proved itself to be without profit for the Company and Great Britain was quickly seized upon by the free traders. It has been alledged above, that most of the Indian judges point to education as the only power from the operation of which a fevourable change can be expected in the moral character of the people; on this subject however, if Sir Henry Strachey be excepted, their views are superficial.


Duke University Press, Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Mill was too good a Benthamite to suggest a frontal assault on Indian customs and prejudices; but clearly the marking off of individual property rights in the soil would act as a solvent of the traditional joint-ownership and communal control, which he considered to be the marks of a primitive state of society. If this course be adopted, there will, properly speaking, be no separation.

The breach had been made, and the pressure of the Directors for patronage steadily widened it until the English element in the government of Bengal predominated.

Munrp to his sister, 5 March Englishmen are as great fanatics in politics as Mahomedans in religion. Munro, vol 1, pp.

Dale Jamieson – – Utilitas 19 2: This was the land revenue. They deserve a close study because they fhe the dominant school in the formation of Indian policy when liberalism first began to exercise an influence on internal administration after To him the essence of the problem was to limit governmental power and so prevent its abuse.

The English Utilitarians And India

He was convinced that the vernacular languages were far better vehicles of instruction. These three movements were its constituent dements, but liberalism in the first age of reform could hardly be each of these things in turn.

Elphinstone would have scorned such a thought as affecta- tion, and on this ground he reserved his judgement on the Lake poets, though reading Byron avidly. Jon Johnson marked it as to-read Aug 27, The political education of a nation is a work of time; and while it is in progress, we shall be as safe as it will be possible for us to be.

Want to Read saving…. British policy moved within an orbit of ideas primarily determined in Europe, although it lost nothing, of course, of its clothing of expediency and its habit of waiting upon events. Fnglish were the chief measures which government could be expected to effect. If salvation was only attainable through the direct encounter of the individual indoa with God, it was equally true that knowledge of God was possible only through utilitzrians of His revealed, word.


It was hoped that with the progress of society the ownership of the great landed estates of Bengal would pass out of the hands of the old zemindar type into those of a modern Indian entrepreneur class. Eic educated classes, knowing that the eleva- tion of their country on these principles can only be worked out under our protection, will naturally cling to us Find it on Scholar.

Paperbackpages. Liberalism and the Policy of Assimilation 25 3. One must end in the complete alienation of mind and separation of interests between ourselves and the natives; the other in a permanent alliance, founded on mutual benefit and good-will.

The English utilitarians and India – Eric Stokes – Google Books

The mere extent of empire is not necessarily an advantage. Madihah marked it as to-read Jan 06, With respect to India they had a deep vested interest in the existing order. The first question with which they were confronted was the form of revenue collection, whether payment should be effected through intermediaries, such as englih Bengal zemtndarSy or directly from the individual peasant.

They were not cast for the role of revolutionaries, since it was in effect a revolutign in the relationship between England and India for which they were calling.

The English Utilitarians and India

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Malcolm said he dreaded no human being certainly no Nabob or Maharajah. In the early period after Plassey expediency predominated.