Epicœne; or, The Silent Woman: fable, parable, and allegory: Diversity of media: affect personality: in Jonson’s play Epicoene; or, The Silent Woman (). EPICOENE; OR, THE SILENT WOMAN. BY BEN JONSON. INTRODUCTION. THE greatest of English dramatists except Shakespeare, the first literary dictator. Morose has heard of a soft-voiced woman, extremely frugal of speech, and has negotiated with his silent barber, Cutbeard, to arrange a meeting, possibly even.

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The play influenced at least two minor plays before the interregnum: Windows and doors seemingly pop out of nowhere.

Epicœne; or, The Silent Woman

The cleverly twisted plot was contrived to skewer a broad swath of social pretensions and customs in Jacobean England. While most eepicoene of characterization and plot are his own invention, the scenario originates from two orations by Libanius: Now Morose wants to give divorce to the Epicene.

The play is about a man named Sielnt who creates a scheme to get his inheritance from his uncle Morose. The first, in early summer ofseems likely to have been among the first plays performed after Charles II ‘s return to London.

That’s my next gig! Truewit says that no matter what, Morose will find himself unhappy in marriage, regardless of if she is pretty, ugly, rich, poor, or even if Morose loves her. She is intimidating and in charge of domestic resources. But Scott Ferrara and Daniel Breaker are tiresome as the two tricksters.


The cast was led by Nathan Field who may have played either Truewit or Dauphin. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. They epicoebe about how women can use sex to control their husbands. He thinks that he will marry with Epicene and then disinherit Dauphine. Mistress Otter has a dominant personality compared to her husband. Sient King is delightfully over the top as the foppish La Foole. Morose soon regrets his wedding day, as his house is invaded by a charivari consisting of Dauphine, Truewit, and Clerimont; a bear epickene named Otter and his wife; two stupid knights La Foole and Daw ; and an assortment of Collegiates.

Since Morose can no more bear his wife Epicene, he agrees with what Dauphine says. Use dmy dates from August Use British English from August Articles needing additional references epicofne April All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Hardly a week goes by without an attempted parliamentary coup.

This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Works by Ben Jonson.


Numerous alterations to Jonson’s text included giving Dauphine the play’s final words as well as eliminating most of the gulling of Daw and La Foole. To combat this, Dauphine concocts a plan with Cutbeard, Morose’s barber.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The intended audience of this play would have been wealthier than Shakespeare’s crowd. The plan involves setting Morose up to marry Epicoene, a boy disguised as a woman.


Despite these issues, there is evidence that the play remained popular, as suggested by a Stationer’s Register entry inwhich indicates the intention to publish a quarto of the play. But a circus of pranksters, fops and other quirky denizens silnet the scheme upside down.


But Dauphine will do all this on a financial deal with Morose. Plays by Ben Jonson plays English plays Comedy plays.

Desperate for a divorce, Morose consults two lawyers who are actually Dauphine’s friends Cutbeard and Otter in disguisebut they can islent no grounds for ending the match.

The Silent Woman

It was originally performed by the Blackfriars Childrenor Children of the Queen’s Revels, a group of boy playersin Unlike many of William Shakespeare ‘s plays, which would have been performed in the open aired Globe Theatrethis play’s reliance on controlled sound would have required that it be performed in a small, contained venue like the Whitefriars Theatre.

But Dauphinehas other plans in his mind, infect he himself has arranged the match for him, for his own purpose. Ben Jonson folios English Renaissance theatre.

She has the same characteristics as Katherine from The Taming of the Shrew. Points to remember Morose wants to disinherit his Nephew, Dauphine He marries to Epicene The drama is staged by Dauphine, but Morose does not know Epicene is not a women but a boy in costume Dauphine reveals it, on a financial agreement with Morose.