Ephaptic coupling of cortical neurons. Article (PDF Available) in Nature Neuroscience 14(2) · February with Reads. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Ephaptic Coupling of Cortical Neurons: Possible Contribution of Astroglial Magnetic Fields? | The close. Yet the extracellular field activity feeds back onto the electrical potential across the neuronal membrane via ephaptic coupling (Jefferys et al.

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One study tested the effects of ephaptic coupling by using both neurotransmitter anatagonists to block chemical synapses and gap junction blockers to block electrical synapses.

Ephaptic coupling

Durand The Journal of physiology Login Required This action requires you to be registered with Frontiers and logged in. Fundamentals of transcranial electric and magnetic stimulation dose: StaceyChristopher M. Epileptic seizures neirons when there is synchrony of electrical waves in the brain.

Angel BarcoShira Knafo Neuroscience Understanding the brain languageIOS Press, doi: When both chemicals were in the air, the flies were no longer repelled by carbon dioxide.

It has been observed that local field potentials in cortical neurons can serve to synchronize neuronal activity. Event Abstract Back to Event. Showing of 3 extracted citations.

Ephaptic coupling – Wikipedia

Electroencephalographic field influence on calcium momentum waves. A hypothesis or explanation behind the mechanism is “one-way”, “master-slave”, or “unidirectional synchronization” effect as mathematical and fundamental property of non-linear dynamic systems oscillators like neurons to synchronize under certain criteria. More recent research, however, has focused on the more general case of electric fields that affect a variety of neurons.


Showing of references. Depending on the location and identity of the neurons, various mechanisms have been found to underlie ephaptic inhibition. References Publications referenced by this paper.

Many people believed that the micro electrical fields produced by the neurons themselves were so small that they were negligible. From This Paper Topics from this paper.

epyaptic Hence the phenomenon is of not only fundamental interest but also applied one from treating epilepsy to novel learning systems.

Although this ephaptic coupling has been seen in the cerebellum of rats, within a group of neurons called Purkinje cellsno one knew what effect it had. A number of studies have shown how inhibition among neurons in the olfactory system work to fine tune integration of signals in response to odor. SciortinoDominique Couplinv.

Frontiers | Ephaptic coupling in cortical neurons

For years, scientists believed that the brain is responsible for integrating the responses of different neurons, which individually detect the presence of different chemicals. The idea that the electrical activity generated by nervous tissue may influence the activity of surrounding nervous tissue is one that dates back to the late 19th century. HahnWilliam C. Similarly, the currents that caused repolarization of the active nerve caused slight depolarization in the resting fiber. Neurons Magnetic Fields Neocortex.

Possible Contribution of Astroglial Magnetic Fields? Ephaptic coupling of cortical neurons Costas A. How do such effects manifest themselves in vivo?

Topics Discussed in This Paper. Hence it is a hypothesis that neurobiology and evolution of brain coped with ways of preventing such synchronous behavior on large scale, using it rather in other special cases.


Ephaptic coupling strength depends both on the field strength as measured at the neuron soma as well as the spike-history of neurons. Ephaptic coupling in cortical neurons. Due to the very small electrical fields produced by neurons, mathematical models are often used in order to test a number of manipulations. Citations Publications citing this paper. In one study, newly excited neighboring neurons interfered with already sustained currents, thus lowering the extracellular potential and depolarizing the neuron in relation to its surrounding environment, effectively inhibiting the action potential’s propagation.

However, newer neuron has coupilng challenging some clupling the previously accepted models. By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License.

Neurons Talk Without Synapses

It was shown that an action potential of coupliny axon could be propagated to a neighboring axon. The electrical conduction system of the heart has been robustly established.

Coortical was found that rhythmic electrical discharge associated with fetal neurons in the rat spinal cord and medulla was still sustained.

Myelination is thought to inhibit ephaptic interactions. The inhibition due to ephaptic coupling would help account for the integration of signals that gives rise to more nuanced perception of smells.

These changes were attributed to the local currents that form the action potential.