BRU from EPCOS AG. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. epcos r datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. R ,92 MHz. Abstract: R epcos r SM r SAW R SAW R sm r R EPCOS r saw S M R Text: Competitor P/N (MHz).

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RF Components and Modules

I swapped it anyways — even swapped the old one back once I found the error — to make sure, but the real culprit was the HF output transistor t707 I have marked in the lower left. EPCOS has design, manufacturing and marketing facilities in Europe, Asia and thesupport in the early phases of their projects.

EPCOS has design, manufacturing and marketingand manufacturing know-how and support in the early phases of their projects. October 13, 2.

This will be the one nearest the feeding point of eocos antenna, like in the picture above. I still had one remote in spare though, and together with a bought new one the set was complete once again. To solder on the new one, place it onto the cleaned pads and flow solder underneath the pins from the side, for each pin individually.

The signal generated by the microcontroller is a digital pulse signal containing the remote code. The output to the antenna the copper strip along the left edge appeared near-zero and the eepcos signal after the coupling resistor was pretty deformed, too. Repairing a remote car key August 16, Owning a GHz scope greatly simplifies the task, of course.

Imagine repeatedly hitting a tuning fork with a small hammer and touching it to stop the vibration in a certain pattern while picking up the generated sound with r7077 microphone to amplify it.


As for this circuit, have a look at page 6 of the AppNote linked below.

Epcos r707

If the range is much less, the transistor is most likely not up to the job. EPCOS is continually improving its processes and thus theconstantly reviewing and systematically improving its quality r077 system. EPCOS is continually improving its processes and thus the quality of itsand systematically improving its quality management system.

Imagine unlocking your car, driving around some, and then being unable to lock it again. In the end, you probably have to find out by trial and error. What you can measure, though, is the pulse signal from the controller. There is a lot more theory behind this, you can look it up in dedicated books about high frequency circuits and transmitter circuits. Use the datasheets ecpos get the correct one for your frequency and pin layout. You will need to reassign the key to your vehicle according to the proper method designated by the manufacturer.

EPCOS is worldwide market leader in low-voltage power factor correction. I had to try two different transistors, the first one was probably already r7007 before transplantation I already wondered why I epcs used that remote control.

Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this data sheet, enclosures hereto and the information contained therein without EPCOS ‘ prior express consent is prohibited. EPCOS is continually rr707, system.

EPCOS R Datasheet(PDF) – BJA – EPCOS

Those resonators cost you a few cents at Farnell, but I would guess Digikey also has them. Good thing that mechanical locks are not totally uncommon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The current types are mostly pin compatible to the old ones. The probability of finding a suitable transistor inside such a transmitting device is very high.


EPCOS is continually improving its processescommitted to constantly reviewing and systematically improving its quality management system.

Epcow signal is fed into the resonator through a resistor and a capacitor, and from the resonator back through said capacitor to the base of the output g707. As I found out later, the resonator was perfectly working. EPCOS bietet eine umfangreiche.

Back to the repair — checking the original transistor with a standard multimeter showed proper diode behaviour meaning it was a bijunction npn or pnp transistorbut this is not always sufficient for a diagnosis of a working device in HF circuits.

It can be seen as an extreme example of amplitude modulation AMand the principle is identical to the way TV remotes work — only that RF is used instead of IR light. This is called Ecos, or on-off-keying. B 0A95 B Text: They are a real pain in the ass to solder by hand!

EPCOS has design, manufacturing and marketing facilities inknow-how and support in the early phases of their projects.

Epcos r – Montare motore elettrico

This picture was taken after the repair, which explains the flux residues. The resistor limits the output impedance of the controller pin to prevent it from clamping the transistor base to a fixed voltage and allow the resonator to overlay an AC component onto the DC voltage. This site uses cookies: What you get is a high frequency signal during each high-level time of the remote code signal and no signal during each low-level time.