Current Orders and Directives: Executive Order and Memorandum on President George W. Bush amended EO with Executive Order E.O. , as Amended. Kevin R. Kosar. Analyst in American National Government. November 3, Congressional Research Service. Document Type: Executive Order; E.O. Citation: E.O. of Apr 17, ; E.O. Notes: Revokes: EO , April 6, ; Amended by: EO.

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Executive Order is further evidence of real power in xmended vice president’s office. Security Classification Policy and Procedure: More information about this report can be viewed below.

Byron York of the National Review noted, 122958 Executive Orderthere are changes to the original Clinton order which, in effect, give the vice president the power of the president in dealing with classified material Dates and time periods associated with this report. Analyst in American National Government. Automatically generated Publication Place coordinates. Unique identifying numbers for this report in the Digital Library or other systems.

Executive Order 13292

Publisher Library of Congress. Description Last Updated Aug. Zmended Unique identifying numbers for this report in the Digital Library or other systems. Articles needing more detailed references. An example of a U. This policy provides the rationale and arrangements for designating information officially secret for reasons of national security, and for its declassification as well.


National Archives and Records Administration, Vol. By using this site, you agree to the Amemded of Use and Privacy Policy. Repositioning map may be required for optimal printing. Publication Place Washington D. What Descriptive information to help identify this report. Place Name United States.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Author Kosar, Kevin Amenred. A more extensive analysis of the changes from the previous executive order was compiled by the group Public Citizen.

Executive Order – Wikipedia

Clinton’s order set declassification deadlines for classified material and made it harder for politicians to classify information. This report describes security classification policy and procedure, largely prescribed in a series of successive presidential executive orders issued over the past 50 years.

Descriptive information to help identify this report. This legislative branch agency works exclusively for Members of Congress, their committees and their staff. In other projects Wikisource. Creation Date December 31, Then- Vice President Dick Cheney said in a February 15,interview, “There is an executive order that specifies who has classification authority, and obviously focuses 1295 and foremost on the President, but also includes the Vice President.


Wikisource has original text related to this article: Map Information Automatically generated Place Name coordinates.

Usage Statistics When was this report last used? Further amendment to Executive Orderas amended, classified national security information.

It has been viewed timeswith 7 in the last month. This collection includes CRS reports from the mid’s through the present–covering a variety of topics from agriculture to foreign policy to welfare. Who People and organizations associated with either the creation of this report or its content. Serving as both a federal and a state depository library, the UNT Libraries Government Documents Department maintains millions of items in a variety of formats.

Among the various changes made to the based regulations, Executive Order notably: Physical Description 8 pages. What responsibilities do I have when using this report?

The subsequent revisions to the regulations governing Classified National Security Information practices by both Presidents Bush and Obama amneded from EO in that they declared amenred Vice President directly in their original issuances rather than in a supplemental Order as President Clinton had.