Enphase software puts you in charge of solar monitoring. With Enphase MyEnlighten, system owners can track their energy production, monitor their system’s health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Enphase Enlighten Manager. Enphase Energy: Smart Solar & Clean Energy For Everyone. Username *. Enter your Enphase username. Password *. Enter the password that accompanies. Enlighten-module-arizona-solar-phoenix Another compelling piece of the Enphase story is the Enlighten monitoring and analysis system that gives you.

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Jack, I think I started this thread several years ago and I read with it interest the ongoing frustrations with monitoring. Solar Professionals with access to Enlighten Manager can delve into individual modules, while homeowners are given system-level monitoring through MyEnlighten.

Enphase Energy – Enlighten | Sign in to Enlighten

Have you reviewed the functionality of RVOutput. My question is how easy is it to upgrades this to a metered system. I wanted to see individual panel data, enlivhten not avalaible from myEnlighten,… the workaround is enpighten sign up for myenlighten as a do it yourself installer, then get your installer to give that account access to all data…My installer did not have a clue how to do this so after another call to Enphase they fixed this for us and now I have access to individual panel data, and all the intstaller data.


Must say now after 3. Northern subs, Melbourne Australia. I believe that Enlihten is set up to monitor the General Tariff only. I never got a reply or peep from Enphase after many times logging a question.

Enphase Enlighten Energy

Either the original company were incompetent, deceptive or wanted to sell something they had in stock. June 26, at 4: March 14, at Ant — just interested in your usage patterns: June 11, at 2: They treat us like dumb-clucks and idiots. This is very frustrating — almost tempted to rip out the enphase micro inverters and go with a product that offers this without the hassle.

You simply enter the number sequence with the full stops [periods] as you would any http: I have the identical setup installed by Tindo over 6 months ago.

So we immediately tried the TV — even worse. At present when two independant revenue grade metering systems disagree there is no clear protocol to follow to address energy production or consumption metering disputes! Have had nothing but trouble with connecting my Envoy due to location of my wifi server.

Sound kosher or is there a way around this? Here in the US MyEnlighten, which is system-level monitoring, is the standard customer view of their system production. SMA produced them for a short time then realised that micro inverters are not a good proposition.

Enphase Enlighten Energy | SAE Group

The only time we have that level of usage is when we are using the washing machine or the oven, or if three spotlights old style are on. Certainly something to think about. In addition, we provide information both online and over the phone to installers through our local technical support helpline.


If you use the email support client you get an automated advise of receipt followed by a long period of silence cumulating on occasions in no response at all. Hi, this is all very useful material to someone new to Enlighted.

July 11, at The maximum charge and discharge rate is approximately 60 watt-hours per 15 minute timed reporting interval. As you know SMA have basically been the biggest player in the market place now for years. April 8, at 5: Then within another few weeks it failed!!

Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Service

They could say to installers charge for invalid service calls. Another issue which is a bit nebulous is PID which high-voltage-based solar arrays can be susceptible to. What do they stand for? My preference would be to use more Enphase products as I like the redundancy inherent in their AC Battery design multiple batteries and multiple inverters all in parallel plus the bonus of being able to add more capacity at any time in the future without battery matching issues.

Around we moved into a new enpahse that was perfect for solar.

May 22, at 6: