Golden Dawn hermetic order and subsumes other divination systems such as Tarot, Geomancy, and Astrology. Enochian (or. Rosicrucian) Chess provides a. Since the publication of the secret rituals of the Golden Dawn in the s by the late Israel Regardie, there has been much speculation about Enochian chess’. ORDER THIS BOOK. Rosicrucian Chess of The Golden Dawn Steve Nichols Format: Cased-bound/matt laminate/pp. – over

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She has blue arm bands and wristbands with a black cen- ter stripe, and she holds a green lotus with a red top and yellow stripe in her right hand and a green ankh in her left. Fire is not mov- ing characteristically and seems bound up as of move 5, show- ing Earth and Water coming in strong. In this very early game, dice were used to decide what piece to move.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cory Salveson marked it as to-read Oct 13, The CD also includes extracts of important texts from the Rosicrucian tradition and audio extracts from the various Books of Enoch.

Openings Pawn opening — Earth to move first: One of the reasons enochiah this is that the Earth pieces are in fact the main god-forms and the others are merely variants of them. For a divina- tion game the following sheet could be drawn up. If you do not have a high gloss, spray or paint on a high-gloss lacquer after the boards have been painted and dried.

In the Earthy and Fiery Board the second series of four form the diagonal and the first subsidiaries. The most powerful may be lost, if the weaker, O son of Kunti, are not protected. Also, according to a member of Whare Ra who was friendly with a high Alpha et Omega member in England, they did not exist in the A.

Enochian chess – Wikipedia

Air must capture the Water Queen because there is nowhere to run, and the same for the Earth Bishop. The chessboard itself remains with black and white squares. If you have taken a Rajah, and your ally has lost one of his, you may propose of prisoners. He wears a striped col- lar of red, blue, yellow and black to represent all the elements. The Rook can capture a piece on any square it moves to in a straight line, remaining on that square until its next turn.


He gains a dou- ble stake: Black already has a queen on the board, which is demoted to a pawn of queen.

But there is a slight variation dependent on the position of the Prime Player. Almost anyone can play if they wish, though I would be extremely hesitant about playing with people on an Enochian chessboard if they had never been exposed to the Tablets before, as the colors can have quite an effect.

But a Queen can never check another Queen for the following reasons. Therefore, referring back to Table I, where two Yods meet, you will know that the square they meet in will be associated with Aries Cardinal Fire forceand all other attributions on that square will be similarly associated; e.

Rosicrucian Chess of The Golden DawnEnochian Chess Series Vol 1Steve Nichols | MANDRAKE of OXFORD

Fire of Earth and Fire of Fire Setting KN, Q, B, R This is a very exciting play setting which encourages early attacks and active openings; however, nothing ends up as it initially appears to be.

Now it is time for you to get your thinking cap on, place a chessboard in front of you with your four sets of pieces and have some fun with the technical aspects of Enochian chess. Her skirt is blue, as is her shoulder strap. Her other interests include alche- my and other forms of esoteric healing. The abbreviations used are as follows. Zalewski does not indicate how to place a king if the thrones square is occupied and multiple alternative squares are equidistant from the throne square.

The two armies still take separate turns, but are under the control of one player. Every Lesser Angle throughout the tablets has a diagonal line of four squares starting from its prime square; which are allot- ted respectively to Aries, Gemini, Scorpio and Earth the non Osiris Squares. An early Knight move could be fatal for the Knight and Openings sacrifice a pawn unnecessarily.

The shoulder straps are mauve and the tunic yellow, with a mauve skirt wrap and belt. The base he stands on is yel- low. If the Shatpada is reached on the square of the Rajah or Ship, it does not have the privilege of Shatpada. Enochian Chess of the Golden Dawn. This resembles the black and white systems of squares of the ordi- nary boards; and it is as if we allotted the White to Aries and the Black to Cancer.


Mistakes are easy in this setting, exactness being needed. To get a clear description of the game as it was originally played is almost impossible except for one shining example in 4.

Earth seems helpless because of an early N2c, but, in move 5, could have moved N4d instead of P4c and prevented the Fire Rook move. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn — Rituals. Priviledged Pawn If a player is reduced to a king, a queen, and a pawn; a king, a bishop, and a pawn or a king and a pawn, then the pawn is considered to be priviledged. And further, the Watery piece is not hampered by the pawns in the opening, whereas the Bishop as a rule cannot act at all until one pawn has been moved.

At least partially because of this veil of secrecy, authorship of this variant is unclear.

Enochian Chess

The actual history of how the chess game came to Persia is recorded in the Karnamak-i-Artakh Shatr-i-Papakan, the ori- gin of which is estimated at AD.

These books will themselves make more easily accessible the Spiritu- al Technology that is inherent in the Golden Dawn System. Each of these pieces govern 16 squares on the board, four in each Lesser Angle: She found, with great accuracy, that she could predict the outcome of the ensu- ing battles around her. The Knight and Queen also have a stronger follow through hcess the Bishop is working with them. It was truly exciting to be able to handle these, and I became keenly aware that ggolden I held in my hands that afternoon was the originally designed set of chessmen as worked out by Westcott, the archetype from which the later sets had been copied.

The Magicians of the Golden Dawn. A point needing men- tion is goldeen an early Q2c defense would operate better in wid- dershins play. If three, the Horse; if two, then, O Prince, the Cheas must move.