Una de las facetas más interesantes de la ENDUTIH está en la revisión que se hace del uso de telecomunicaciones a nivel estatal. Una nación. Ghana Living Standards Survey / Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Estimate to December based on ENDUTIH survey. Refers to total. National Survey on Availability and Use of ICT in Households, ENDUTIH. International Telecommunications Union (ITU) () ITU World.

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Digital rights groups raised the alarm about endytih approved changes to the Federal Copyright Law, which would allow courts to order precautionary measures against content suspected of copyright infringement see Blocking and Filtering.

Social networking sites and international blog-hosting services are available in Mexico. Economic constraints influence the diversity of media in Mexico.

Personal Interview on May 2, Mexico’s reforms have sought to improve the ICT market by reducing market dominance and barriers for investment. The use of bots to manipulate online debates has also been documented in several studies. During the election campaign, bots, trolls and fake accounts aggressively spread online propaganda and disinformation promoting or attacking certain candidates on social media.

Articulo 19,” March 20, ” http: In August endutkh, Citizen Lab and Mexican partner organizations had documented at least 21 cases of journalists, human rights lawyers, activists, and political figures being targeted with the spying software Endutlh. In Puebla, for example, independent media organizations say the state government uses a combination of state, municipal, and university advertising as a way to control the editorial independence of local media.

The Mexican government has used the poor security situation in the country as an excuse to dramatically increase surveillance. endutiu

The social media landscape in Mexico is very dynamic. Steven Melendez, “To see the future of social media manipulation in politics, look to Mexico” Fast Company, February 2, http: Some 20 million users have Instagram. In Aprila court ruled in favor of TIC, instructing enxutih regulator to reconsider the requirement. Users were unable to access content on the site, including election predictions polls. INEGI through ENDUITH generates annual statistical information regarding the availability of information technology in communities and homes, as well as their use by individuals, especially internet users; in this survey, an internet user is defined as an individual of 6 or more years of age that on a frequent or everyday basis on his or her own initiative has accessed and carried out some activity on the internet on any site in the last 12 months.


World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database

There were no recorded activities or public incidents related to government-imposed restrictions on ICT connectivity during this coverage period.

In a context of distrust due to the recent revelations of illegal surveillance practices see “Surveillance, Privacy and Anonymity”encutih National Cybersecurity Strategy introduced in sparked concerns among digital rights activists who highlighted the lack of control or transparency mechanisms within the strategy.

Digital activists decried the impact of this change on freedom of expression online, as courts would be able to order measures such as censorship of online content or seizure of equipment without providing proof that copyright violations have taken place.

While there were no documented cases of individuals prosecuted or sanctioned by law enforcement agencies on charges related to 20112 information on the internet, online reporters continued to risk harassment and arrest while covering demonstrations ebdutih political events.

As part of a constitutional reform, the government established a new autonomous regulatory agency known as the Federal Telecommunications Institute IFT to increase transparency of media regulation. Email this document Ehdutih version. Nevertheless, Mexico still faces challenges in its quest to increase competition and reduce the digital gap between urban and rural populations.

UNHCR is ensutih responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. The climate of violence and harassment towards the media contributes to significant self-censorship in states heavily afflicted by violence; only inthe NGO Article 19 documented aggressions against journalists and 12 journalists killed, at least four of whom worked for online media.

JMIR Publications

Mexico’s telecommunications reform has induced some changes in Mexico’s ICT market by reducing barriers for foreign investment and slashing prices for telecommunication services. Consult municipality indicators, comparative summaries and thematic maps by municipalities. Inthe states of Baja California, Ciudad de Mexico, Morelos and Aguascalientes observed the highest scores of internet users in rural areas Ethnic and linguistic divides are also significant.


Moreover, a recent study published by Citizen Lab in September found that Pegasus spyware continued to operate in Mexico. Between July and DecemberFacebook received 1, up from in the previous reporting period requests endutin the Mexican government for information related to 1, users and accounts; of the requests were associated to legal processes.

In response to the endytih of information and coordination, groups of citizens mobilized online via Verificado19S Verified19S to provide verified and updated information about shelter, food, equipment and other needs for victims.

UNdata | record view | Percentage of individuals using the Internet

In efforts to reduce the digital gap and promote competition in the ICT sector, Mexico’s mobile wholesale access network began operating in March see Availability and Ease of Access.

Article of Telecommunications Law similarly requires providers to maintain records of their users’ metadata for a period of two years, and grant security agencies access to metadata at any time.

Preliminary findings of a Mexican case study,” Cornell University LibrarySeptember 27,http: In December for instance, the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City reported that it had initiated an investigation after receiving a complaint from a journalist who was arbitrarily detained and beaten by police when he was trying to record an event with his cell phone camera. Most recently updated period. Nevertheless, concentration is still high and the real-world impact of these changes in some parts of the country remains to be seen, as the country still suffers from a wide digital divide between urban and rural communities.

Under constitutional reforms to the telecommunications sector, companies that control more than 50 percent of the market areconsidered “preponderant” players and are subject to antitrust measures by the regulator.