Literalmente, encefalitis significa inflamación del cerebro. En la mayoría de los casos, esta inflamación está provocada por un virus. Se trata de una afección. Doak family. Loomig (A. B.) See Brooks (Amy) Looiuis (A. F.): Paradise cove. Yachts under sail. Lopez Ibor (J.) Encefalitis letargica. Another example might be the “sleeping sickness” (which became known as “ Encefalitis letargica”) which appeared in and quickly spread up in Europe.

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I work with elders and see this development after illnesses in some clients. The brain is amazing and I have personally seen miracles happen when a person is under His blog offers a look at the latest developments in neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology through a critical lens.


Abhandlungen aus der Neurologie, Psychiatrie, Psychologie und ihren Grenzgebieten. The German neurologist and leading EL expert Felix Stern — addressed this difference inattaching a brief discussion of influenza encephalitis as an appendix to his comprehensive encefslitis of EL: Thesis, Kiel Karl J.

The only specific link between this curiosity and EL was the deep somnolence which drew puzzled attention, and even this similarity was more misleading than enlightening: Das Blutbild bei 65 Kranken mit Parkinsonismus post Encephalitis lethargica.


Retrieved 8 December Proc Roy Soc Med London ; Diseases of the War. A contribution to the history of encephalitis epidemica in China.

Somnolence was initially regarded as the primary symptom of EL, but extreme sleepiness could also accompany influenza. The condition was so different from anything that had occurred before that it was impossible that it should not have been noted Sachs Author enceflaitis Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

MuV Mumps Cytomegalovirus Cytomegalovirus esophagitis.

Foerster O, Wilmanns K, editors. Although it was to prove less destructive than the influenza pandemic which occured at around the same time, the new outbreak had a persistent legacy: The consistent pathology of the disorder allowed von Economo to localize the lethargic symptoms of encephalitis lethargica to the posterior wall of the third ventricle, near the oculomotor nuclei.

Epidemic encephalitis nona J Am Med Assoc.

On the basis of this work the authors trialled the employment of soluble Pfeiffer bacillus antigen at a dose of 10 picogram! The epidemiological situation was nicely encapsulated by David and Robert Thomson Pickett-Thomson Research Laboratory, Londonwho concluded their discussion of EL in an encyclopedic review of influenza thus:. A close review of the medical literature published during the First World War, including the official military medical reports, also fails to reveal any allusion to influenza in cases which might be classified as EL.


Encefalitis (para Padres)

Such infection of the respiratory tract should be distinguished from the centrally determined respiratory tics which were lerargica of chronic EL review: Studies in famine, disease and society Collected papers on South Asia; no. Travel Med Infect Dis. Has direct evidence of influenza infection in EL cases been forthcoming? Author manuscript; available in PMC Oct 1.

Report on the epidemic of influenza in New South Wales during Influenza or epidemic encephalitis? Leyden E, Guttmann S.


The best described occurrence of somnolence associated with influenza was encfealitis. J Psychol Neurol 46 1: Am J Med Sci. Some observations on blood counts and cerebro-spinal fluid. Prayers for him and you. Epidemic encephalitis encephalitis lethargica, nona.