Supermarkets are empty. Malls have shut down. Life has just become more local than we ever knew it could be. Nobody expected the end to. Weyn’s near-future novel avoids many of the traditional dystopian trappings in Empty. Suzanne Weyn, Scholastic Press, $ (p) ISBN. Buy a cheap copy of Empty book by Suzanne Weyn. A dystopic look at what happens to one American town when all the fossil fuels run out Civilization has just.

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But if rationing has been going on for some time, why does the sudden blackout slam the characters into complete, dumbfounded confusion? That part is about Tom and Gwen go to a place but there is no Niki.

A great example of the liberal mindset! Aug 27, Kassie rated it it was ok Shelves: What’s most frustrating about “Empty” is the lost potential. It is a short read, but because of the dry plot and the blandness of characters e,pty reading took a bit longer than I expected.

The idea is unique but more should have been done to make it a more engaging book to read. Suzaanne survivalist aspect of the book is what impressed me the most and, I confess made me wonder how I would survive and provide for my family in such a disaster. As a girl she was very interested in theater and in reading. Gwen likes Carlos, but only as a friend, and tells him as much. Seeing people in this light is seriously depressing and scary.

Empty by Suzanne Weyn (a Peak Oil Novel for Young Readers) – Resilience

Why does everyone in the area have a gasoline- or lithium-powered generator, but no one has ever even HEARD of a manual- or wind-powered generator? I will say that I loved Tom the most. Lelia is worried about sur Plot Summary- “Empty” by Suzanne Weyn is a story about a community called Spring Valley that has to live without oil.


Empty follows the suanne of some high school stu It is There is hope – there has to be hope – just there are also sacrifices that need to be made, and a whole society that needs to be rethought. Worse still, their continued existence, to say nothing of their future expansion, depends wholly on our existing oil-based infrastructure. Teenagers used to worrying about football and dating are now struggling to survive. Gwen- struggling to survive Key Issues- what the future may bring, survival.

Empty by Suzanne Weyn (a Peak Oil Novel for Young Readers)

The overall story bored me to the point that I was skipping many pages at once to get it over with. More chillingly, the grocery stores are empty, children are hungry, and America is sinking into anarchy. One theme in Empty is that the world needs to change its ways because people need to trust each other, vital resources will run out, and global warming will begin to strike.

That is all that really needs to be said.

At home, 17 year old Gwen is living under the radar, her mom split years ago and she and her older brother Luke are t The writing is quite straightforward, the characters are consistent, what sings in this novel is the theme.

I’m all about young heroines but besides the Curtin’s the adults were worthless. Nicki and her family are falling apart from this situation. President Waters has claimed emptt towns as being in a state of disaster since the super hurricane OscPearl hit.

Most of the children and adolescents I work with are completely clueless on suzwnne issues.

Gwens’ house burns down as her brother stashed all the stolen gasoline in their house and she is left on her own so social services will not pick her up and put her in a home. I’ve already given this book away to the YW garage sale, and some other sucka probably paid good money for it – or maybe they didn’t and it’s on a Goodwill shelf somewhere.


A country claims they have oil but won’t sell unless they suaanne real high amounts of money.

This was such a boring book. And then they kiss together. Over and over the reader is subjected to the characters lam I hate to be so harsh, really, I do, I don’t give one star reviews without a lot of soul searching and whining to my pals about what a lovely story this could have beenbut Empty is a great big disappointment to me.

He surprised me a few times and I enjoyed being in side of his head. Now he just wants to kiss Niki. I just never felt like I could find it in me to care about what happened next Kind of interesting because of reading this book and seeing that our world is in the position it is in.

Niki’s dad goes on a rampage and shatters an antique chair and throws it in the fire place because he can’t get a job in the distressed economy.

Words really cannot describe how disappointed I am with this book. She wanders The world is at war and there is a quickly depleting oil which is only being sent to the troops to fight the xuzanne in Venezuela. Even now, the world is finding out that some supplies are less accessible, and is trying to find alternate energy sources. The world is at war and there is a suzamne depleting oil which is only being sent to the troops to fight the war in Venezuela.