And to them I won’t need to explain why a long-overdue reissue, titled Elric: The Stealer of Souls. Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melniboné. Publishing History (US). Trade Paperback, Del Rey, pp., ISBN: , 19 Feb , Cover by John Picacio. etsos_delrjpg. The Stealer of Souls, a short story by Michael Moorcock, featuring Elric, the albino prince of Melniboné and his companion, Moonglum of.

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It’s been a long time since I read the original Elric series, and I’m steqler to find that they still hold up. But they also hold deeper meaning.

If you are new to the Elric legend I would keep in mind that the first stories are not the ones you should base your opinion on or go straight to the four parts of “Stormbringer”. It is magnificent sword and sorcery that is as much a product of it’s time ‘s as Robert E.

Elric: The Stealer of Souls (collection) – Wikiverse

Yes, he supposedly did it to save Cymoril and thwart his evil cousin’s attempt to take over the throne Elric is by no means a good person, but he does have friends and a lover that he would not wish to betray, and some of the fall to the sword, inadvertently. Moorcock’s writing included, he admits to this fact. I’m glad I read the story all the same. That’s Elric in a nutshell. Bibliography of Michael Moorcock. A few years ago, I had heard about Elric, and I was intrigued when I read that he was considered the burned-out rock star of heroic fantasy, with his dependence on drugs.

While I don’t enjoy depressing literature at all, I like a good genre story that shows a character who is never going to be perfect and get everything right.

I found these stories to be very imaginative, and often brutal and dark. For better or worse. Moorcock has referred to Elric as a type of the “doomed hero”, one of the oldest character-types in literature, akin to such hero-villains as Mervyn Peake’s Steerpike in the Titus Groan trilogy, Poul Anderson’s Scafloc in The Broken SwordT. Want to Read saving…. Whether the willpower is contained in the sword or the man, they’re obviously one entity, and thus he’s the one responsible.

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He became editor of Tarzan Adventures inMichael John Moorcock is an English writer primarily of science fiction and fantasy who has also published a number of literary novels. Having said that, I’m a bit conflicted about this edition, at least as an introduction for someone who hasn’t read Elric before. Alcuni eventi importanti, come la morte di certi personaggi, sono resi in maniera banale e sbrigativa e la cosa mi ha fatto storcere la bocca.

Moorcock mingled some familiar elements of fantasy with things he could have only dreamed up in his mind. Apr 04, Joseph rated it really liked it. Leaving the palace, Elric is attacked by Nikorn who accuses him of breaking their agreement, and although Elric is reluctant to fight him, Stormbringer sudden pulls itself free of his grip and strikes Nikorn fatally.

I have been converted into the conspiracy camp. Howard, who is probably one of the founding fathers of this genre if not the founding fatherso it’s interesting that one of my first protagonists to read in this genre is more of an anti-Conan. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Elric: The Stealer of Souls by Michael Moorcock

Sword and sorcery fans who haven’t read this already. Tvar stops Moonglum from rushing to assist his friend so as not to give away the army’s position. Poor Elric, as the Soils Champion he gets re-absorbed into the sword and is destined to be resurrected over and over to wield it.

In the reading of this story, will find a hero-villain within the pages of this book like no other, one who will keep your interest, inspire pity and sometimes frustration, and one who will linger in your mind long past the point at which you close the book.

Expect them to change you. The hero is not just a swashbuckler; he is conflicted. When it kills, it sucks the soul out of its victim, and part of that energy goes to Elric who uses it to keep his vitalityand part remains in the sword.

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Elric and his world were dead and for that I have to say thanks.

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That is a minor part of staler stories in this book. Not every author would stay within the lines once he had painted himself into a corner, but MM did.

Alan Moore Goodreads Author Foreword. Yishana is the sister of Dharmit of Jharkorwhose ship was sunk by the catapults of Imrryr. The tragedy rests in the fact that Elric is a man who is doomed to follow a dark destiny, and being around him too long can be bad for a person’s health.

Elric: The Stealer of Souls (collection)

They themselves were not true men, but some type of elder race that could channel and use dark powers in a way that men cannot. Jan 27, Richard Guion rated it it was amazing.

So this was meh to me, just not my thing. The stories have been continuously in print since the s. Sep 06, Tonari rated it really liked it.

Elric must seek and acquire powerful Chaos-made artifacts to help him combat Chaos. Favori karakterlerimden birisi oluverdi.

The Stealer of Souls (story)

Another famous Moorcock character, Monsieur Zenith frequent antagonist of Seaton Begg, whose stories appeared in the collection The Metatemporal Detective last yearis Elric yet again, projecting himself into Begg’s universe from his bed in Imrryr.

I recommend just reading the stories. This means that readers who have seen earlier editions will recognize chunks from several different books in this one. There is no going back now. Stormbringer will actually direct itself to deliver killing blows to friends and allies of Elric.

Oct 22, Emily A. To ask other readers questions about Elricplease wlric up. Dec 04, pax rated it it was ok Shelves: If you only want to be diverted and entertained, then they will do that and do so better than many others.

And, as Moorcock’s writings are generally eouls to come by than they should be at least in the United Statesthose with any interest in them have considerable reason to look up this latest edition.