Elmo-L12iD Entry Level Visualizers The ELMO LiD is an all-inclusive visualiser/ document camera designed for teachers looking to incorporate 21st century. The ELMO L is an all-inclusive visualizer/ document camera designed for teachers looking to incorporate 21st century classroom technology to create. Elmo introduces its innovative and unique Classroom Solution – the New Elmo L12 visualiser and an *Award-winning Elmo CRA-1 Wireless.

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Presentation technology at the highest level. Plug it in, connect it to a projector and start your lesson.

Siemensstrasse 14 Uhingen Deutschland. With more and more companies are using visualisers for their presentations the L12id is the ideal visualiser solution.

Don’t miss important updates in future. The P30S will support all your business processes from the initial idea for a product on a sheet of paper through the development of a prototypes as 3D models right up to presentations for the market launch.

The intuitively easy concept of use reduces the time needed for familiarization to a minimum. A Visualiser is simply a digital camera fixed onto the end of an arm rigid or flexible. The P30S enables you to pass on knowledge in in-house training and is the ultimate partner for convincing business presentations. The new feature of LID is the ultimate in connectivity and usability.


ELMO Visualiser – Document Cameras for Education and Business

With the high-quality camera and its immense zoom, you can present all your materials in a lively, real life, close up image. Infinite possibilities visualisee only for schools visuzliser for any institution public or private that choose to use it. At 30 frames per second, the LiD smoothly captures and reproduces moving images. This allows an easy integration in other presentation systems like interactive whiteboards.

Team meetings, exhibition planning or sales strategies can be tellingly and interactively visualized in the greatest detail.

ELMO Visualizer

Visualisers are ideal pieces of technology in Educational, Business, Medical, Law and Military environments. Use the P30S to plan your meetings with colleagues and customers over any projection surface such as screen or whiteboard.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of cookies. In combination with interactive whiteboard or projector systems they offer the best options to visualize documents or objects at conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. With the optional microscope attachment the whole class is looking through one microscope. Intuitive operation is assisted by its well proven product design. Simple operation, no training necessary Presenting mobile and wirelessly Visualizer with wireless whiteboard functions Teachers can move freely in the classroom Students can work with the tablet and present at the same time Students present results of their group work.

With the P10S you can always respond to any corporate communications requirement spontaneously and immediately.


Elmo Visualiser, schools, Ireland | Media Scene Technology

The high frame rate helps eliminate the after-images produced when the subject vusualiser changed and the stroboscopic effects produced when the zoom adjusts itself or the display subject is moved. You can find further information on our Product data base. Teachers can annotate live images captured by the LiD while the image is displayed on a big screen — totally PC free! P10S – Observe more.

Here is the link to the manufacturers web page. Stay In Touch Follow us. The P10S — The new all-rounder The P10S visualizer will support your presentations irrespective of your line of business. Simply place the object you want to show under the camera and rotate the camera, are to project from any angle.

The solidly constructed camera arm holds it position and is easily operational for booth left-and right visyaliser users.

The solidly constructed camera arm holds its position and is easy to operate for both left- and right-handed users. Foldable – fits in any briefcase Weighs less than visuaoiser iPad: It doesn’t matter whether you are organizing in-house training or business presentations — its pin-sharp display ensures clear communication.