L utilisation d’une électrode à anneau tournant a permis d’obtenir la totalité de la relation J(E) entre la densité de courant J et le potentiel électrode tournante. ETUDE VOLTAMMETRIQUE DE LA REDUCTION DES IODATES A UNE ELECTRODE TOURNANTE DE PLATINE Par J. BADOZ-LAMBLING et C. GUILLAUME. Chem Instrum – Margarit J, Lévy M () Étude theéoretique d’une électrode tournante á double anneau. Partie I. Recherche du facteur d’efficacité.

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If the two banana jacks are shorted together i. If required, cables and tubing may be routed through the back panel electtrode drilling small holes in the panel.

Achat de Potentiostat Galvanostat Monovoie pour Électrochimie

Because the motor control cable which connects the motor unit to the control unit is a shielded cable, the shield assures that the chassis of the motor unit and the chassis of the control unit are electrically connected. Properly Supported and Clamped Electrochemical Cells. The signals on these various instruments may have been calibrated to different tolerances by each manufacturer.

A simple banana cable with an alligator clip may be used to connect these metal objects to the earth ground. If working with one of these older rotators, it is necessary to purposefully make a connection from the motor unit chassis to the earth ground connection on the front panel of the rotator control box. The uppermost portion of the shaft is used to mount tojrnante shaft into the rotator see Figure 4.

Excessive immersion may corrode the shaft or tip by allowing toufnante to seep into the joint between the shaft and tip.

The upper red pair of brushes makes contact with the disk or cylinder while the lower blue pair makes contact with the ring on a rotating ring-disk electrode.

  IMM 5456 PDF

Do not lose the white plastic washer on the door latch.


This helps to prevent the shaft from sticking in the coupling. Larger cells may be clamped using a large diameter column clamp see Figure 4. If a tip cannot be removed from a shaft by hand, then contact the factory for further instructions. In the context of an electrochemical experiment involving a rotating electrode, the DC Common also known as the signal ground or signal common is the zero voltage reference point used by the signal measurement or waveform generation circuitry in the potentiostat and the rotation control circuitry in the rotator.

The Government of Canada is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information supplied electfode external sources.

Patent Summary – Canadian Patents Database

Do not use an electrode tip which appears to wobble, vibrate, or tilt away from the axis of rotation while rotating. The second important connection that is frequently but not always necessary is to connect the potentiostat to the earth ground see Figure 4.

The power switch on the back panel also acts as a circuit breaker to help protect the control unit circuitry. A bipotentiostat provides independent control of two different working electrodes in the same electrochemical cell.

Connection of Counter gournante Reference Electrodes.

Moteur de recherche d’électrodes ({{=it.Count}} {{=it.ResultLabel}})

The chassis of the motor unit is also normally connected to the chassis of the control unit, and thus, to earth ground. Such isolation increases flexibility when working with electrochemical cells that may contain earth grounded components. Do not turn on the rotator or rotate the electrode shaft elecrrode the enclosure window is secured to all four pins as shown below.


An insulating spacer just below the mounting area isolates the mounting area from the electrode contact area. The earth ground connection on the front panel of the rotator control box serves as a convenient common point for such a strategy.

Before reconnecting the rotator power cable or the motor control cable to the control unit, be sure the control unit power switch is off and the rotation rate knob is turned to the fully counterclockwise position. It is important to understand that the low humidity environment found in most glove boxes increases the rate of wear on both the brush contacts and the internal brushes within the motor itself.

Connecting the Rotation Rate Control Cable. For newer Pine potentiostats, the reference electrode cable is color coded as white, and the counter electrode cable is color coded as green. To view images, click a link in the Document Description column.

Such a shaft is either improperly installed or physically damaged. Several of the photos in this section of the manual tournants the rotator motor in such an inverted position. The cell platform and clamp positions allow adjustment of the vertical position of the cell with respect to the motor unit.

It is also very important to note that the chassis of the rotator control unit is in direct contact with the earth ground connector. The proportionality ratio is. Elecrtode rotation rate is controlled to within of the display value selected using the rotation rate control knob. Use extreme caution when operating the rotator at rotation rates above.