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Not surprisingly, the party has remained a relatively small opposition party in the Basque provinces, gaining just 11 percent of the vote in the Basque government elections last October. The defendants, including two priests, had limited access to their attorneys, who were not allowed to cross-examine witnesses.

In its zeal to crush ETA, however, the Spanish government once again overreached. There was also no public change to the prisoner situation, and protests, posters and graffiti honoring imprisoned members were still abundant throughout the Basque provinces.

The pinnacle was probably his three interviews with members of the organization. En mayo de se le condecora con la ‘Laureada de San Fernando’.

Scene from the train bombings in Madrid. Guaranteed Delivery see all.

Jessica Ortiz

The resistance grew from bits and pieces of the wreckage of the civil war. I wish I had been able to read such an illuminating piece about the history of ETA and Basque separatism while I was living there. The ETA members shot and killed one of the guards.


I felt like I was floating. Its members often existed quite openly in France, bringing their families over and opening successful businesses in a kind of radical utopia among their French-Basque brethren. Rather than forming one monolithic force, ETA would consist of many units of three to five members, locally organized but commanded by a single directorate based in France. All other tax revenue would be retained by the Basque government and spent as it saw fit on areas such as health care, education, transportation, industry, culture, arts and, especially critical at that time, police powers.

After they left, a bomb planted by ETA exploded, scattering remains of the dead around the cemetery. I asked her how it came to pass that his great granddaughter now belonged to a party that was adamant against Basque independence. We sat in her kitchen and she made coffee and chain-smoked. Its main method was vandalism. TBR Research presents insights and excerpts from peer-reviewed scholarship.

ETA announced the end of its violent movement.

The package looked like a news magazine he subscribed to, and he opened it up without a thought, detonating the dynamite inside. Partido Popular had consistently taken a hard line against ETA, refusing to negotiate under any circumstances, and it opposes any effort to devolve additional powers to the regions. ETA was always present in the room during the negotiations, even without having a representative in the room.

Otamendi said he was tortured, forced to stand naked in his cell for three straight days.


VIAF ID: 7706021 (Personal)

The Burgos Affair 6. In early Octoberthousands marched in Bilbao to demand that prisoners be brought to the Basque Country to serve their sentences.

It was an enormous disappointment to those who had hoped ETA was finally finished. En esta epica de intrigas y rencores ancestrales, ogros y elfos deberan pelear en contra de un mismo y casi todopoderoso enemigo.

The Dirty War 8. ETA also developed its basic commando cell structure, which remained largely intact for the next four decades. Inthere were Spanish general elections, the first since the Civil War four decades earlier. Exhausted serenity Read Comments Navigate by map.

The political party most associated with ETA was Batasuna, which routinely received around 10 to 15 percent of the vote until its ban afterBatasuna was known by a variety of other names. In Julyit activated more than a dozen bombs in Spanish luxury resorts and three in Madrid, including one at Barajas Airport, causing two deaths and multiple casualties.

A lot of people died. At the center of the event was the border between France and Spain.

Two decades later, that support had essentially disappeared. You gave up forever any normal life you may have had.