Definition from Ekonomikos pagrindai (B. Martinkus): Atsipirkimo (lūžio) taškas ( break-even point) – tai prekių kiekis, kurio pardavimo pajamos. Sankt Peterburgo valstybinis serviso ir ekonomikos universitetas tų: 1 semestras – mikro ir makro ekonomikos pagrindai, kuriuose būtų ; Heery, ; Ivanovic, ; Martinkus, ; Myers, ; Robbins, ;. VERSLO EKONOMIKA IR VADYBA . Lukaševičius K., Martinkus B. Mažųjų ir vidutinių įmonių vadyba. Martinkus B., Žilinskas V. Ekonomikos pagrindai.

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Apgrindai terms of the future perspective it is necessary to formulate these kinds of events related to the landscape values. Briefly they are presented below. In the open questions of the questionnaire when individual views were ex- pressed with regard to cultural events being worth to remember in the city, which have been attended during the last 12 months, the inhabitants have nartinkus Field crops — 4.

According to chosen criteria the approach is deve- loped mainly for small enetrprises, but it is appropriate for enterprises, regardless of sector and size. Stochastic frontier analysis and data envelopment analysis DEA are the two seminal methods pagribdai, respectively, paramet- ric and non-parametric analysis.

The value of landscape varies depending on particular regional systems and especially historical forms.

Logistics management and strategy. A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Hall ir kt. To be speci- fic, TE decreased by some 4 percentage points.


Wandschneider ir kt. LevineC. Scenarios for the development of Polish agriculture provide the dual way of development of this sector based on the concept of sustainable development Raport…, HoneyI.

The deontological approach sta- tes that duty is the basic moral category, independent of the consequences of the ac- tion Beu, Therefore a number of studies have attempted to research into farming efficiency there by employing fron- tier techniques Gorton, Slacks for intermediate consumption productivity, — Period 1.


The research covers years — Furthermore, productive efficiency gains might result into lower costs as well as greater profit margins for the producer and better prices for the participants in the agricultural supply chain Samarajeewa, It worth to note, that the seminal paper of M.

Management and business ethics: The shrinking horticultural efficiency is also affected by low returns on intermediate consumption.

vadybos pagrindai martinkus pdf free

International Development Research Centre. This situation was highlighted by the global economic crisis of —, which demonstrated that the fluctua- tions of economic activity in various channels are transmitted very quickly from one country to an- other country’s pabrindai, including in the agricultural sector. Vadybos pagrindai ; Vadybos mokslo vystymosi aplinka, prielaidos ir valdymo teorijos. The archive mratinkus the journal, requirements for articles and the form for a review can be found at the following web site — http: The application of utilitarian method implies that managers should accurately evaluate situation and analysed ethical dilemma for getting an effective ethical managerial decision with positive effect for their enterprises.

On the other hand, results of recent scientific re- search show that businesses are still facing budgeting problems and deficiencies. Gaining Control of Is- sues. It was found that eoknomikos global eco- pageindai crisis has affected the Lithuanian agricultural sector by a variety of channels, but in compari- son with the Lithuanian economy as a whole, the changes of analysed flows in this sector were smaller.


In the journal scientists publish articles and announce their main ideas, results, and the benefit for management science, studies and busi- ness practice.

Managing Quality for Higher Profits. In view of the persistent adjustments to the objectives and the rolling fore- casting, BB is described as a continuous and ongoing process, a process which is based on regular monitoring of the internal and external environment Fig.


An Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis: Universi- teto 10, LT Akademija, Kaunas dr. The questionnaire sur- vey had been given for people who emigrated from Lithuania.

In addition, it had been somehow subdued during — C, C, Q, Q Data and results The technical efficiency was assessed in terms of the input and output indica- tors commonly employed for agricultural productivity analyses.

The author of this article as a basis of this rese- arch chose the students of Rezekne Higher Education Institution, who are 20—22 years old, studying economics or entrepreneurship. This is important because transactions costs have a large unobservable component, and therefore their measure can only be indirectly re- vealed from the behavior of potential agents in the market.

Martinkus, Bronius [WorldCat Identities]

Subsequently, the following questions were included into the questionnaire after the brainstorming re- sults had been gathered: Authors are purposed to assess the effectiveness of creative methods in Lithuanian organiza- tions, who engaged in innovative activities.

In the journal scientists publish articles and announce their main ideas, results, and the pgrindai for management science, studies and busi- ness practice. Latvijoje, Lenkijoje, Lietuvoje ir Slovakijoje. Unlike many traditional analysis tools, DEA does not require to gather information about prices of materials or produced goods, thus making it suitable for evaluating both private— and public—sector efficiency.