ejabberd is the de facto XMPP server in the world. The fact that it is used to power the largest deployments in the world should not intimidate you. ejabberd is. This web site is dedicated to help you use and develop for ejabberd XMPP ejabberd has been in development since and is used all over the world to. Clustering relies on Erlang features and Mnesia shared schemas. Before getting started, it is best to get familiar with the Erlang environment as this guide will.

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If you stop the last running node of a cluster, you MUST restart that node first in order to get a running service back. You can either use an external tool for log rotation and the ejabberdctl command reopen-log to reopen the log files, or the ejabberdctl command rotate-log to perform both steps please refer to section ejabberd Commands.

All functions associated with the hook’s name will be called in some specified order. This is the only optional callback, thus, if undefined, the module will be reloaded by calling sequentially Module: In order for someone to be notified of such events, ejabberd executes “hooks”.

You can use these functions for de serialization of data stored on disc or in a database. In some cases a new hook should be introduced. Examples of such callback functions are: The connections to other nodes are hidden not published. Several modules need to listen for an event represented by this hook that is, a packet and a C2S stateso they associate their internal functions with it: The same is true for header files: This is a good place to register hooks and IQ handlers, as well as to create an initial state of a module if needed.

The most notable functions in this module are: The drawback is that the created process’ message queue can be overloaded if it doesn’t process incoming IQs fast enough, which, in the worst case may crash emulator due to OOM out-of-memory.


Welcome to ejabberd, your superpowerful messaging framework | ejabberd Docs

The ejabbedr accepts an option name as an atom and must return either validating function if an option is known for the Module or a list of available options gukde a list of atoms. Every stanza element has meta field represented as a map. In order to generate stanza errors or stream errors xmpp: Hooks When ejabberd is processing an arbitrary event incoming IQ, outgoing presence, configuration change, etcit is convenient to consider some of them notable.

Those larger setup can run as a cluster of ejabberd nodes. A more scalable solution would be deploying ejabberd with an external database for persistent data. There is a plenty of examples of modules: If the service requires a cluster of more than 10 nodes, we recommend not relying on Mnesia clustering mode. It searches for what user resource packet must be guidf via presence table.

Getting started with ejabberd

The ejabberd Web Admin allows to administer most of ejabberd using a web browser. Change the erlang node name in a backup file export2sql virtualhost filepath: The external authentication script follows the erlang port driver API.

If the destination JID has a non-empty user ejabbeerd, it is routed to the session manager, otherwise it is processed depending on its content. Path to the directory with translated strings.

There are some simple and safe examples in the article Interconnecting Erlang Nodes. Yes, you can pass SIP calls using ejabberd: It should be good enough for most of the small deployments and even medium ones. Dump internal Mnesia database to a text file dump. If this resource is connected to this node, it is routed to C2S process, if it connected via another node, then the packet is sent to session manager on that node.

An IQ handler is registered as: Clustering Setup Adding a node to a cluster Suppose you have already configured ejabberd on one node named ejabberd Fetching options The most notable function of the module is: Path to the directory with ejabberd documentation. Clustering relies on Erlang features and Mnesia shared schemas.


Every stanza element has from and to record fields. The Web Admin will be accessible by pointing your web browser to https: Managing an ejabberd server ejabberdctl ejabberdctl Commands Erlang Runtime System ejabberd Commands List of ejabberd Commands Restrict Execution with AccessCommands Web Admin Ad-hoc Commands Change Computer Hostname ejabberdctl With the ejabberdctl command line administration script you can execute ejabberdctl commands described in the next section, ejabberdctl Commands and also many general ejabberd commands described in section ejabberd Commands.

Start ejabberd in live mode: This module routes packets to other XMPP servers. But in all cases the option syntax is the same:. The best method to add new functionality to it is to write a new module. If there isn’t an ejabberd server running, the available parameters are:.

That’s why, if you plan to reach huge volume, it is recommended to start asking advices from day 1 to an ejabberd expert. A validating function is a fun of a single argument – ejabbedr value of the option. You can place your code inside src directory if anyrecompile ejabberd and run:. Change Computer Hostname ejabberd uses the distributed Mnesia database. This is needed because all nodes exchange information about connected users, S2S connections, registered services, etc….

A XMPP domain is served by one or more ejabberd nodes. Note that there is absolutely no need to know every line of code of ejabberd, but some parts are crucial to understand.

Welcome to ejabberd, your superpowerful messaging framework

This is only useful if you plan to giude an ejabberd cluster with nodes in different networks. Instead, the new API functions are used from brand new xmpp library. The name of an Erlang node includes the hostname of the computer.