Jack Geldard gaining the Brittle Ledges, Eiger North Face, kb . to be very accurate, but the B&W photo topo was not very useful. Although the north face of the Eiger has several routes, by far the most famous and popular is the original route – known as The route. This free topo and. Topo map · Swisstopo Grindelwald. Geology. Mountain type · Limestone. Climbing. First ascent, 11 August Easiest route, basic rock/snow/ice climb ( AD). The Eiger is a 3,metre (13, ft) mountain of the Bernese Alps, overlooking Grindelwald The two stations within the Eiger are Eigerwand ( behind the north face) and.

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The White Spider was just as we imagined, peppered with stones and generally quite a scary place to be, so we climbed it without stopping and headed up toward the Quartz Crack. The north face of the Eiger. I watched storms roll in from nowhere and broil nprth in its huge concave face, I went for a walk underneath it and found a bit of climbing shrapnel and got lost in a world of fantasies as to the origin and its eventual demise coming tumbling down this face.

With only a couple of days off, I was back on the Eiger with my friend Mich Kemeter to try and complete the Tschechenpfeiler trilogy. Two days later, there was a short moment when the clouds cleared and the mountain was visible for a while. In the morning the three guides came back, traversing the face from a hole near the Eigerwand station and risking their lives under incessant avalanches. Usually climbed with ice axes and crampons due to verglas and very low temperatures, an estimation of the difficulty of the hardest sections would be Scottish VI,6 or M5.


They managed to give him a rope long enough to reach them by tying two ropes together. I was glad I had a good partner and I followed as quickly as Eigre could. In higher parts of the route, you must be quick. So once again we were back hanging in the same uncomfortable belay.

The name of the game on the Eiger is speed. It is one of the three great north faces of the Alpsalong with the north faces of the Matterhorn and the Grandes Jorasses known as ‘the Trilogy’. Single 70m Tendon Master Rope 8.

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Alpine climbing partner 26 Dec This isn’t neve romping he is speed-soloing here, this is steep, loose mixed terrain. Although the north face now has several routes, by far the most famous and popular is the original route – known as the route. Factor Two – S2 Episode 2: The Exit Chimneys can be pretty hard but only IV in weak conditions. Eiiger took on the first steep overhang.

Two days later all three of us were hanging at our uncomfortable, super-exposed belay. Different temps and weather may require different gear.

Eiger – 1938 Route North Face

The NordwandGerman for “north wall” or “north face,” is the north face of the Eiger also known topk the Eigernordwand: There are 60 meters of fixed lines traverse and small chimney.


Here you have some tips: Time seemed to be running through our fingers. Two would have been enough. To summit, you need minutes of climbing. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat With pitch descriptions, approach and descent gopo and an accurate route-line, this Nonethless, we would have to return.

The highlight of the season was still to come, though. Sinceat least sixty-four climbers have died attempting the north face, earning nodth the German nickname Mordwandliterally “murder ous wall”—a pun on its correct title of Nordwand North Wall.

Whatever you take – make sure you remember a camera! We go to the start of Brittle Ledges possibly bivy.

Eiger – Route North Face // European Climbs — Alpine Exposures

I tried to scan the featureless sky above and ahead of me to try and make out even the faintest outlines nprth the mythical mountain but eiged quickly turned to finding somewhere to bivy for the night. Climbers are increasingly electing to challenge the Eiger in winter, when the crumbling face is strengthened by ice.

I would personally favour taking a skinny single over one half rope as the rock was quite loose and it would be easy to knock something off and cut a skinner rope.