Ann Anat. Jul; doi: / Epub Apr 3. Medical Students’ Assessment of Eduard Pernkopf’s Atlas: Topographical. The following biography is mainly based on the article “The History of Eduard Pernkopf’s Topographische Anatomie des Menschen” (see bibliography) by David. A University of Vienna investigation determined in that Eduard Pernkopf’s anatomy department used bodies of executed prisoners from the Gestapo and.

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Further, they say, its paintings are artistic masterpieces regardless of the politics of the artists. The other three all had some degree of formal training. Beautiful anatomical drawings were created, but this was only made possible by the unethical and unlawful procurement of the anatomical remains of murdered victims of an evil Nazi regime—thus beauty and evil were fused.

It covered the abdomen, pelvis and pelvic limbs. List people by country List people alphabetically List eponyms alphabetically List all women alphabetically. He argues pernkopr rejecting the eduatd beliefs of Pernkopf and his fellow Nazis does not necessitate rejecting the elegant anatomic images they produced. On the other hand, “There can be no doubt that Pernkopf, as head of the Anatomy Institute, was instrumental in the procurement of the bodies of the victims of Nazi terror for dissection, and ultimately, for the creation of his Atlas,” pernnkopf Pieter Carstens, a professor of public law at the University eduwrd Pretoria [17].

In he earned the title of associate professorwith a promotion to full professor two years later. How can something so beautiful at the same time be so utterly despicable?

What should we do about Eduard Pernkopf’s atlas?

It is our ambition to present a complete survey of all medical phenomena named for a person, with a biography of that person. These duties interrupted their artistic work. Finally, the author offers his own perspective as a young gross anatomist and physician. As he attained his full professorship he was offered a contract to expand it into a publishable book, and he eagerly accepted. In his signature, Lepier frequently used the “r” at the end of his name as the basis for a swastikaand Endtrasser likewise used two Sig runesthe lightning-bolt insignia of the Schutzstaffel SSfor the “ss” in his name.


– Eduard Pernkopf’s Atlas— “a tainted beauty” – AHRPAHRP

And the argument that human fetal tissue research is essential to advance medicine is nonsense. Topographische Anatomie des Menschenanatomical atlas possibly derived from executed Nazi political prisoners. Although never charged with war crimes, Pernkopf spent three years in an Allied prison camp near Salzburg after the war. However, recently it has become clear that Dr.

Eduard Pernkopf and the Ethics of Science from Holocausts

The abilities of the young physician were noted by Ferdinand Hochstetterdirector of the anatomical institute in Vienna, who soon became a father figure for Pernkopf. Annals of Eeuard Medicine. He began writing the meticulous text of the Atlas incollecting and dissecting human bodies that had been murdered by the Nazis; overseeing the avowedly Nazi artists who painted the intricate details even incorporated Nazi iconography into the illustrations.

Is it ethical to use something e. Herein lies the paradox of the Pernkopf Atlas, as a legacy of the Third Reich: InPernkopf reached the pinnacle of the academic career ladder when he was named the University of Vienna’s rectorits highest official.

He was also an ardent Nazi. Pernkopf began his atlas in The following year, a letter by Dr.

What should we do about Eduard Pernkopf’s atlas?

Retrieved 27 July Retrieved 7 November Pernkopf was a fervent believer in National Socialism. This fusion not only perverts and diminishes the status and content of the Pernkopf Atlas, but also explains why it should be rejected.

At the time he was first hired as Hochstetter’s assistant, he began putting together an informal dissection manual pernkopc students. Kennedy Institute of Ethics.

We all make mistakes, and we learn as we go. They should “[promote] those whose heredity is more valuable and whose biological constitution due to heredity gives the promise of healthy offspring [and prevent] offspring to those who are racially inferior and of those who do not belong.


Since little translation was necessary, this was the version of eduar atlas which medical students and physicians elsewhere in the world came to know and revere.

After Hitler’s invasion of Austria inthe Anschluss, he was instated as dean of the medical school. Lepier became the leader of the other artists who followed, of which the most important were Ludwig Schrott, Jr.

Williams for permission to use this material. The edusrd volume, covering the head and neck, was released in The request from Yad Vashem was initially denied; but the issue did not end.

Lehrbuch der Krankenpflegeschulen, volume 4.

In he was promoted again, becoming dean of the medical school. The youngest of three sons, he seemed to be considering a career in music upon his completion of the Gymnasium in Horn. Pernkopf Anatomy Atlas, His article is a must for anybody who wants to know more about this subject. To examine the ethical issues involved, the author first reviews recently published work regarding Pernkopf and his atlas, with the caution that facts are few in a debate where emotions run high and opinions abound.

What is an eponym? The continuing ethical controversy”. Skip to content A tempest has arisen recently in the wake of the videos documenting the sale of body parts of aborted children to scientists for use in research.

His fortunes would change radically as a result. But there is no defense for using human fetal tissue in research. This survey of medical eponyms and the persons behind them is meant as a general interest site only.