The VR51 has been engineered as a high output full range solution for a wide range of applications, from music and speech reinforcement to delay or fill. 2-way, full range loudspeaker Appropriate as a main FOH system or for secondary coverage in large installations 15 inch LF, inch exit HF Rotatable HF horn. Give us a call at () if you need assistance finding a replacement from the current EAW lineup. The VR51 is a 2-way full-range loudspeaker ( inch.

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I’ve tested the amps and crossovers and they all appear to be ok. Mounting is accomplished using the integral eyebolts on the rear to suspend the loudspeaker with optional, adjustable, wire rope rigging.

Dick Rees wrote on Thu, 22 October Guaranteed Delivery fr51 all. RMS Power see all. It has a pole socket. Powering mode is switchable: T ech Support will tell you where to ship the unit w[ However, I can see that causing problems since any high pass filtering in an external crossover would apparently be in series with the high pass filter in the speaker and some crossovers may not let you apply a low pass filter on the LF output without also applying a high pass filter on the HF output.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. It is mostly in the manuals where we will find the details concerning construction and possibility of vr15 EAW VR51 item, and its use of respective accessory, as well as information vvr51 all the functions and facilities. When mounting or suspending EAW [ This compact, but powerful 2 way speaker features convenient handles built in to the front of the speaker.

EAW VR51 Commercial System — Musical Instruments and accessories

Email me for more info. This makes moving or putting on a stand very easy. Blue Room Technical Forums Limited. They also look nice as well. Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely. You know enough to help them find the right outfit.


One speaker is slightly more scratched on the top than the other. The dispersion is 90 degree h by 60 degree v coverage pattern with a user-rotatable horn. EAW SMe professional loud speaker.

Details Specification A tri-amplified, three-way, full range system in a trapezoidal vf51 array module. Im willing to ship them but customer pays for shipping. Eaw LA speaker pair. The JF60z is an ultra compact loudspeaker, engineered for exceptional, near-field performance. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Four in LF cones, sealed, phase-aligned; dual 8-in MF cones, horn-loaded; dual 1. Maybe it’s because I’m worn out That doesn’t explain the harsh sound when vr551 were using the good horn in the bad unit.

Carvin’s specs are a little vague on specifics so that makes it a bit difficult to compare the two models but from what I can tell, the sensitivity of the TRxN is anywhere from 2dB below to 1 dB above that of the VR51 while the maximum output of the TRxN is 2 to 5dB greater than the VR51 the ranges are due to Carvin not specifying whether the stated Sensitivity is a whole space or half space value, the VR51 is whole space.

EAW VR51 User Manual

No other accessories included. For example, it was noted that they aew be using subs so having subs and what they are could affect what you select for the mains. The horn pattern on the TRxN is a nominal 60×40 while the VR51 is 90×60 the specs are based on this with a factory option for a nominal 60×45 horn, so different patterns which is a factor in most installed applications.

Selling a pair of EAW la speakers. Posted 26 December – The manuals will serve as an informational aid. Install the horn assembly to the enclosure using the 8[ You might also check out the working horn on its own.


EAW VR51, VRM12, 0008093 Aftermarket Diaphragm

I might use FedEx ground, UPS ground, Eaww or a Greyhound bus service, which in that event you might need to pick up your package at your local Greyhound bus or shipping terminal. These are in good condition, fully functioning with normal signs of wear, including paint that is chipping on the exterior. Google the specs, it’s k freq response. Glad you’ve diagnosed it even if it means you have to shell out for another diaphragm. It sounds as though you will still have a bad signal feeding the new diaphragm which, if it has a d.

The TRxN does seem to have better low frequency response, but the VR51 does fine down to 80 or 90Hz, so that is probably not really a factor in this application since subwoofers are being used.

Posted 31 December – Posted 27 December – Since you brought it up let’s look at bi-amping the Carvin TRxN. Hopefully I was wrong about the crossover and this will be all that needs replacing. If I were you I’d thoroughly check out the amp and crossover before risking a new diaphragm.

Sorry for the hijack Charlie Zureki wrote on Fri, 13 November It also has mounting points on 5 of the 6 sides making it very well suited for any use.

Posted 30 December – I can’t find a clear parts listing online. High frequency not as crisp as its counterpart, but speaker is still working well.