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It essentially is a pair of leads with male plugs at one end, and female at the other, with a wire linking the negative wire on each lead, and the positive leads in the same way. They were removed from a new 2. This truck is all that i thought it would be and more Truck 390 quite a few upgrades that I see. And by handling, I mean accelerating from a stand still, turning through corners at speed,and landing from jumps etc.

Traxxas E-Maxx 3906 Radio Controlled Truck

This does mean however that if you wish to use aftermarket 17mm hexes with the stock rims then you will need to file away the teeth from inside the hex on the rims.

Choosing the right capacity and C rating is important for any given application, and should be based on how many amps your chosen motor can draw at maximum load. Oct 06, Thanks for the offer.

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This is due to something known as ‘ripple current’, whereby the voltage from the batteries fluctuates rapidly and drops as the current output increases beyond what it can provide due to high Internal Resistance IR. Center Main Gear Box. Bulkheads The stock bulkheads are a well known weak link, and are prone to breaking in a head-on crash, or from a heavy landing or cartwheel.


Emaxx 3906

Not for use on the new gray chassis extended E-Maxx. The esc requires lipos capable of producing atleast amps continously, though the more overhead you have, the longer the batteries will live for and the longer your runtime will be as an indirect effect the voltage will not drop below the Low Voltage Cutoff LVC until nearer to the end of the discharge. Radio System If your truck as been in storage for a long time then chances are it still has the original 27mhz AM radio, or if it was bought used then it may have no radio at all.

You will need motor or motors and esc and 3 channel Also fits the Original E-maxx. Finally are balancers, which were covered before in section 16, but there is a little more to add. Proline, GRP, Maximizer are but a few of the aftermarket companies offering wheels, tires and hexes.

Traxxas E-Maxx Radio Controlled Truck | eBay

The simple solution is use a metal diff cup which removes a lot of flex in the spider gear area, and a metal diff case that should help prevent the ring gear and pinion from loosing mesh. Best pick 2 bids 3d 21h. Still, much better than the stock Traxxas radio.

Also shop in Also 33906 in. Having a larger bore allows them to hold a larger volume of oil, which inturn produces a smoother shock absorbing action.


This is important as some chargers have a lower wattage rating than others, and therefore must lower their charge current in amps when charging a high voltage battery pack, in order to stay within that wattage rating, EG: To workout how powerful your charger needs to be to charge a pack at 1c, simply multiply the fully charged voltage of your biggest pack, say 6s lipo It is worth noting though that high mah capacity lipos with a low C rating at not as capable at discharging large amounts of current compared to a smaller capacity lipo with a higher C rating, this is because the voltage level droops heavily under a high load, due to the lipos low tolerance to high current draw; a higher C rating is always preferable regardless of the packs actual capacity.

Very little plastic on this truck. Traxxas Radio Control Vehicle Vintage. Carefully shimming the ring and pinion will also help to some extent: Mar 08, The two speed transmission in the Traxxas E-Maxx ensures quick acceleration and high speed.

We ended up buying a new remote control as the orignal one stopped working. The end result is the same though- cells with a lower voltage get a longer charge, whilst cells with a higher voltage get drained a little to keep them in line with the others.