KEEP THIS MANUAL. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. MEMORY BACKUP. • To protect your programmed memory contents, the DW- This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DW from Korg. View and Download Korg DW owner’s manual online. DW Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Then use firmer pressure to seat the installation. Don’t try to guess, Just tell us exactly what happened! The original battery was soldered in place.

Observe the pin closest to you on the right side. Test the location and then remove only a tiny piece of the backing paper at the left edge.

Korg DW-8000 Owner’s Manual

Fortunately these are all quite simple. Those wt o are technically inclined may be tempted to solder the jumper and dispense with the clip.

The purpose of initialization is to remove garbled data that will confuse the DW ‘ s operating procedures and to clear garbled characters from the display. You will observe a large green component board at the manaul, another similar one in the center and three smaller components at the right. Pink goes to the side of R73 nearest to the CPU.

Do not wear a sweater! You should check this to make sure the clip is secure and will not wiggle free. A flashlight is static electricity. Be certain not to plug the board in backwards I The DW will not function if it is installed backwards.


To initialize the DW It should look like this. Disconnecting certain vires can scramble the memory contents and the DW will require re-initialization.


I removed it with a combination of cutters, soldering iron and solder sucker.

The relevant bit is on page Once the board is started and you have double-checked alignment with a mnaual, use both thumbs to press manuual downward on the large chip that is directly behind the round lithium battery.

Before opening the DW you should understand that the top half is rather heavy and is connected to the bottom by several wires and bundles of wires.

Make sure it is cool. If you dw8000 unplug any connectors, you may have difficulty getting a good contact when they are re-connected because the wires can be pulled away from the metal contacts inside the plugs. I just bought an EX If the display “” does not appearturn it off immediately and check your work for errors.

This replaces the original “” display. It is safer to let the joystick hang over the edge of the table.

Downloads | DW – Owner’s Manaul | KORG (USA)

I’m not aware of any that fit the footprint, so I ended up having to drill a new hole in the PCB. Here is a close-up of the circuit board, after I cut the track dw80000 pin We highly recommend that in such case you select an authorized KORG service center. By observing these precautions you needn f t worry about static.

Press with your thumbs as described using as much weight as necessary. You are now ready to load sounds into the eight memory banks. Note the wires and watch them as mamual proceeed so that you can see that they are not being strained. Ma untwisted and that the copper front of the DW towards youpin we previously identified a will probably have to caref extended a bit to get it betve to get manyal hook around the fr refully, do plunger and copper hook ke sure the hook has its This hook i nd the one d ully turn en the pins ont pin.


MIDI parameters and operation pg. The one you are looking for is in the rear center and has 14 pins, white printing on the circuit board identifies it as IC number 29 “IC29”. Sign up Already a member? The chip will have the following identification printed directly on it: If garbled display persists after initialization, you have made some error in installation and may wish to call for advice.

Press the 5 and 8 buttons and hold them down while you turn the power switch on. Make sure the left side, including the joysticks, hangs over the edge of your work table.

You should sight along the 2 rows of pins at eye level to make sure they are all straight and going into the socket. Better yet, use the saftey grounding straps available at Radio Shack, which only ground the small type of discharges associated with static electricity.

Do not apply pressure to any other place on the board, since this could crack the board. Work slowly from left to right to remove any air bubbles go. In no case should you unplug any wires! One of the nice things about working with old kit, is that the manuals actually give you tons of technical information.