Oct 4, I have heard many Nihangs say that Dusht Daman(Guru Gobind Singh jee’s previous life) were a Rishi but it is not correct Guru jee were a. place hemkunt refers to Dusht Daman jee. Guru gobind singh Ji mentions this place in his composition Bachittar Natak. But it was not until the twentieth century . Let us now briefly examine the veracity of this story [of Dusht Daman]. In order to help the gods in the Satyug, the Aad Shakti (Durga) was tired after killing ten.

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This discription has been given in the sixth chapter of ‘Apuni Katha’.

Whatever he washe is my Guru Pita ji now and forever Satyavati then told Amvika to have another child by Vyasa but she refused. Posted August 19, Kal Yuga is the Fourth and the Last Yuga. When Pandu actually saw his dusbt handsome sons growing up in the forest of the slopes of the mountain, he felt his sexual power returning. The way the qc was administered was poor in my opinion as is the dog and pony show to get it removed.

We used to climb to its top and hike around up there, where the clouds are.

Rishi Dusht Daman | Sikhism | Pinterest | Guru gobind singh, God and Golden temple

It is unfortunate that so many Sikhs don’t realize how fortunate they really are to be blessed with Sikhi in this lifetime instead they waste it on sinning and doing Kurahits. If I recall right Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji also mentioned something similar but involving a child being born just to take amrit. An island like a mountain submerged in the sea. I read an article in which the author says that the title of ‘Dusht Daman’ is damann for Guru Gobind Singh Ji, because this was a superhuman created from the lion’s skin mat on which a Brahim hermit was meditating.

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The habitations are found 30 to 40 miles, down these hills. The human mind is cultivated to its maturity by association with saintly society and by confronting evil situations.

Why do you reproach me?

Dusht Daman Jee were a Monarch and NOT a Rishi – WHAT’S HAPPENING? – SIKH SANGAT

Kunti remembering her Mantra invoked the god of justice. Chubhee rahee shrut Prabh charanan mah”.

Sorry for going off topic but while on this subject, I was once listening to a Katha. Everyone of you is so privileged!

By savalakhsingh Started 16 minutes ago. Sapt shring shobhit hai tahaan. She gave birth to a son named Pandu. When Vyasa came to her bed room, she turned pale with fear. I wish to know if my wives can have children by another man?

Duwht would Guru Ji meditate as an ascetic, when ascetism is described in Sikhism as futile? As you have brought grief to me, dusyt I was enjoying happiness, so shall the same happen to you.

Though, he did not want to come into this world: Later again she invoked Indira and gave birth to a son named Arjuna. Dama used to write books called smrities. Sanyasis and other ascetics go to jungles, and find a suitable place there for their abode and meditations.

Register a new account. Kaur Ji take words of mahapursh. One day, King Pandu went to jungle for hunting.

Dusht Daman -Sri Hemkunt Sahib

God, not accepting my representations for not coming to the world, made me understand its necessity. Madri thought of damxn twin Aswins. So, ‘Hemkunt means ‘the tank of ice’. Finally, Nek, this attitude you display of disregarding everything except the Adi Guru Granth is a fine example of what is happening to Sikhs today -anything in our dama, heritage or otherwise that doesn’t comply with the ‘Sikhi made Simple’ ideals propagated over the past years doesn’t deserve consideration The king could not raise any objection to her doing this, as he had pledged to her, before their marriage, that he would never stand in her way.


It clears that all this dusyt in another kind of world. My father and mother also, worshipped God and strove hard to remember Him.

Are we to take the literal meaning of this Bani? What type of yog did king Pandu have? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Dajan an account Sign up for a new account in our community. She gave birth to seven children and every time, she took the child and cast it into the river Ganga. To do with sikhi or not, let me know! The king ‘Paandu’ ‘kamaava’ earned or gained ‘Yog’ there.

See the first chapter dushh ‘Yog Sootra’. The first person who discovered Hemkunt Sahib had doubts about if he had discovered the right place. By associating with evil, one becomes evil minded. He gave example of unseen roo which would drum to daamn different times of the day i gurdwara and people asked him about it and he said it was one of those souls waiting.

They had the spiritual Kamaee but just needed Amrit and became Mukt. The king could not fulfill this condition, as he already had damman son, Bhishma. Being fully absorbed in my love of God, I did not desire to come to this world. Tap saadhat jeh bidh mohe aano. Just now, shastarSingh said:.