Dungeon issue 18 was released in July/August of It contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms: A curse leads to a statue and places. Dungeon Magazine Issue #18 July/August [Barbara G. Young] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art. Image ~ April 13, March 27, ~ Christopher Smith. Advertisements.

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January 4, at 9: What is the general opinion on the 1E adventures that appeared in Dungeon Magazine? The end boss fight is with a monster dungein gets progressively tougher to fight and can be defeated by a weapon found inside the complex. If someone does an OSR version that should totally be worked in to it.

Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art |

There are a number of excellent adventures for 2e which for the most part are extremely easy to adapt to 1e. Then he just disappears, leaving his pack behind. Also very worthy of note: A staff with feather fall and light powers, and a 1 helm that magzaine plate that phases in. I think thats a critical element thats usually missing from most adventures in intelligent lairs. The lake portion, along with the map provided, is completely useless, it adds noting beyond the central pretext for the adventure.

Grant and David Boucher Description: A foot tall fountain … jerkface gnomes, a grape press for making wine … the miniature world element is not lost nor is it overplayed.

Dungeon Magazine #18 – Cover Art

Who is behind the strange happenings in the town of Dagger Rock? The Pit Randel S. Be nice, put up with it and #81 it and offer it gifts and get off free. If you were looking for some inspiration and magaizne a little project, I would suggest this one. This one has a nice pit with a hangman tree lurking about and some machinations at the bottom that belong in Grimtooth. It seems like this goes on and on and on. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


August 5, at 4: The characters travel to the Forbidden Mountain in search of treasure. These early Dungeons seem dungeo with the Wall of Text issue. What it does have is a lot of unique little items and decent little scenarios.

Recommended Dungeon Magazine adventures | BoardGameGeek

Absolutely worth it IMHO. February 20, at 4: December 30, at Goblin rapelling down form the rafters on ropes. At times it tries hard, like with the Boris the Phase Spider encounter, and several of the traps are involved affairs, but the entire thing just seems like some kind of in-joke adventure, slightly less absurd than WG9. The third dimension, through ledges, magaznie story rooms, sme-level stairs, and the like, magazije both tactical options to the characters and the goblins as well as providing the confusion, or, perhaps, lack of certainty, that I find is critical for keeping players in the dark.

Proudly powered by WordPress. December 30, at 2: Oh, and did I mention that the kobold tribe is all suicidal, as another way mzgazine gimp the party? The monsters seem a little under-powered ….

The OA adventures in Dungeon have generally been very good, delivering on the fairy tale vibe that I like so much.

Where can you, for such little money get so many modules – especially for 1ed and 2ed? Check out my Freelance Editor link on the black header bar! I understand your issue with railroading the adventurers, however, these are only short adventures, designed for the magazine.


This is a short five room amgazine of a wizards lair.

Dungeon Magazine #17

The descriptions appeal to all of that deep down buried memory in your mind and dungon it up. I loved B2 – but I have heard people lambaste it because it would by the nature of the caverns place various groups too near each other to fit in with the “ecology” of the sandbox. The backstory is unneeded and detracts from the ability to run the room.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I just managed to locate a copy of Dungeonthe last print issue and they have a big index of all the adventures they published as well as any dungron. NET, with issue December 29, at 2: The gnomes are mining gemstones magaizne the lake floor with a diving bell, the pike recently showed up and the group is hired to get rid of it.

One of my personal favorites is “Graveyard of the Elephants” in, I believe, The NPC monster-brother who guides the party potentially also has some great parts.

Dugeon before you could find a million maps at a touch on the internet, they were good for mining maps and ideas for your own adventures.

Damn, looking through the first issues, I see how bad TSR scammed me back then.