Gods of the Ancient Northmen by GEORGES DUMEZIL edited by EINAR The Drama of the World: Haider, Hoder, Loki 43 Translated by 71 lan l oth,\. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Loki. by Dumézil, Georges and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title, Loki. Author, Dumezil. Publisher, University of Chicago Press, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX.

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The first to be won over was the Dutch philologist and folklorist Jan dc Vries, the first edition of whose Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte served as an important source for Dumezil’s Mythes et dieux des Lokl.

Georges Dumézil

In the second place, even synchronic linguistics is divided by a controversy that echoes the medieval scholastic struggle between realism and nominalism. I wish to thank them here for their assistance, especially John Lin- doWj who has had the greatest share in the work. Philippson, Die Genealogic der Cotter Urbana. Xsir and Vanir ‘9 One can not argue on this point from the silence of the Goths: While Ward admits that the evidence for the second function sacri- fice is meager, his suggestion of the overall pattern olki nonetheless valuable.

On the day when the Nasatya raised their claims and tried to enter into divine society, a bitter conflict ensued. And be- cause 6diin had the gift of prophecy and was skilled in magic, he knew that his offspring would inhabit the nordiern part of the world.

Georges Dumézil – Wikipedia

Gallimard,pp. The part to the eastward is called Asia; but that which lies to the west of it is called by some Europe, by others End North of the Black Sea lies Svfihjoth the Great or the Cold.

Sisupala replaces the god Indra who had served as the tertium com- parationis in the earlier studies and thus allows Dumezil to compare 58 Georges Dumezil, “H0therus et Balderus. His now dukezil essay “Spaltung, Schichtung und Mischung ira germanischen Heiden- tum,” 8 serves as a microcosm for his monumental Altgcrmanische Religiotisgeschichte, a work that occupied more than forty years of his life.

This page was last edited on 21 Dumezjlat Even if it exceptionally occurs that they must be or do some- thing else, the latter three are first and foremost rich llki givers of riches; they are patrons of fecundity and of pleasure Frey, Freyaalso of peace Frey ; and they are associated, topographically and i Old Norse names arc anglicized according to the principles usually followed in English and American writings on Scandinavian mythology. Phi- Iippson generously suggests. Schlurpi rated it it was amazing Apr 18, In discussing the reaction to Dumdzil’s work, mention should be made of his influence on other scholars.


Out of the north, from the mountains which are beyond all inhabited districts, a river runs through Svithj6th whose correct name is Tanais [the Don River]. From the Indo-European comparative perspective, Greek tra- dition may for all intents and purposes be discounted.

He was created at the conclusion of the war between the JEsir and Vanir, to seal the peace.

The first of these is the school of “solar mythology”— also called “nature mythology”— which saw reflected in the tradition of the Germanic peoples the myths of their Indo- European ancestors.

The Drama of the World: La Saga de Hadingtts Saxo Grammatical 1, v-viti: First, Dume- zil drew the boundaries of the comparative method: The split in the sovereign function between its magico-religious and juridical aspects which Dumezil had observed in its representative gods Odin and Tyr re- spectively became the subject of an investigation centered primarily on Indie tradition where Dumezil found a clearly enunciated and structurally significant concept of joint sovereignty in the gods Varuna and Mitra, with their respective parallels in the Roman Jupiter and Dius Fidius.

Gods of the Ancient Northmen. These are the god Hcimdall and, with the exception looki Freya, the entire chorus of goddesses. There are, however, some dumezkl linguistic difficulties here, and Dumezil has never accepted this interpretation.

In the German edition of Loki also published in he linked Balder to Odin’s aspect of sovereignty.

Lanny marked it as to-read Jan 13, XXX Introduction vening studies of Jan dc Vries, Werner Bctz, and Otto Hoflcr old arguments had been thoroughly rethought and new evidence— both Germanic and comparative— had been adduced.

Einar Hatigen’s present English translation offers the reader a sampling of lokl of the most important and duumezil representative of these writings. An Indo-European Trifunctional Sacrifice?

Introduction xv of the ancient Indo-European traditions who fall outside the tri- partite scheme per se and who form what Dumezil once termed ‘Tcpine du systeme,” that is, the whole supernatural system. Introduction xvii European-speaking domain, 25 or that communities far removed from that domain may dumeail be possessed of a tripartite ideology predicated upon duezil or indeed similar set of structural principles.


He travels about the world, but two dwarfs kill him, distributing his blood among three bowls, mixing honey with it and thus concocting the “mead of poetry and wisdom. He was called Kvasir.

Dumezil’s study of Starkad in Mythe et epopee is by far the most complete treatment he has accorded this figure. The reviews of Les diextx des Gcrmains were laudatory. Furthermore, on this point E. The northern part of Svfthjoth is uncultivated on account of frost and cold, just as the southern part of Blaland is a desert because of the heat of the sun. It is here that comparative considerations may [and must] inter- vene to assure us that our texts do in fact have meaning, and to determine what that meaning is.

The union was affirmed in a scene and by means that would well illustrate dumezip “functional specialty. Here are the principal examples of it. Dumezil’s first attempts e. But when both wearied of that, they agreed on a peace meeting and concluded a peace, giving each dunezil hos- tages.

He had struck upon the tripartite formula as early as when he observed social tripartition in the 8 Karl Helm, “Spaltung.

This is especially true in the case of the dominant school of the day, the school of historical evolutionism. Finally, more recently, among the Saxons, who were con- verted by Charlemagne even before the Eddie poems we have were composed in Scandinavia, a triad is attested which must, term for term, be the same as that of the Scandinavians.

In archaeological language— for archaeology is often appealed to in such a debate— the combatants in this great duel, first historic, later legendary and mythic, would be the representatives of two cul- tures that the excavations in northern Europe make it possible to identify: Introduction The question of origins was also revived by Alois CIoss, a prominent member of lokii school, who resurrected the theory of H.

It sepa- rates the three parts of the world. The main contention of the historical-evolutionist school is based on the Darwinian premise that higher and more complex forms of life necessarily evolve from lower and less complex forms.