JPod. Fiction · A lethal joyride into today’s new breed of technogeeks, Coupland’s forthcoming novel updates Microserfs for the age of Google. The misadventures of the staff of an eccentric video game design studio. “JPod” is, remarkably, the geek-culture chronicler Douglas Coupland’s ninth novel since his debut, “Generation X.” It is a work in which his.

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JPodDouglas Coupland’s most acclaimed novel to date, is a lethal joyride into today’s new breed of tech worker. Kaitlin develops a hugging machine after researching how autistic people enjoy the sensation of pressure from non-living things on their skin.

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Also I don’t know what that closet case Michelangel is thinking with that naked David guy, but Jesus, clamp a diaper onto him pronto. Favourable reviews of JPod largely focus on its entertaining jpld arising from the improbable-probable lives and quirks of the characters.

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Douglas Coupland portraying himself as a complete douchebag. I remember that I hated Microserfs because living in the Bay Area on the fringe of the dot-com frenzy in the late 90s was actually kind of gross and I, therefore, did not actually want to read a romanticized book about it.

This Google -version of Douglas Coupland consistently bumps into Douglzs and manages to weave himself into the narrator’s life.

Do we really need 40 or so pages of pi so we can look for the l that he substituted for a 1? But I guess she was right; I was wrong. I mean, take ‘s jPod as a good example, which was ostensibly meant to be a “conceptual sequel” of sorts to the biggest hit of his career, ‘s Microserfswith couplanf two novels sharing a lot of the same premises and details; but while Microserfs was a revelatory celebration of a coming geek entrepreneurial class just starting to jood itself, jPod is an unimaginative reaction to our Web 2.


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It’s absurd where Foer is profound, inscrutable in its complex strangeness rather than its strange complexity. It premiered on January 8,and ran until its cancellation on March 7,leaving the series with a permanent cliffhanger. I’ve been told that JPod isn’t the best example of his work, but it did enough damage to my perception of his style to cause me not to bother looking furthe JPod was recommended to me by several friends.

Perhaps Coupland’s last two novels didn’t sell as well as his earlier hits. After a ruling from new boss Steve, Ethan and his five pod mates must overhaul their current project to accommodate a turtle modelled on a reality T.

These would all be tremendous fun in a Pop Art way if they weren’t – like the rest of the novel – so lazily assembled. At the very least, it makes for a quick read because there are so many pages you can skip. Ethan’s realtor brother Greg involves himself with Asian crime lord Kam Fong who serves as the plot’s crux of character connection.

Review: JPod by Douglas Coupland | Books | The Guardian

It’s here on pages Coupland’s last two novels were both wonderful and atypical. So when I first bought JPod I was excited to read an author who would be able to put the nuanced plight of my generation on the page in a fun, contemporary way. Everything was just that – trivial.

He is also a visual artist and sculptor, furniture designer and screenwriter, as well as the author of Souvenir of Canada and its sequel, Souvenir of Canada 2. Or maybe jPod is an all-around shout-out to his hip-lit contemporaries, being that Coupland himself makes an appearance in the novel as a jaded antagonist, a la Bret Easton Ellis and his infamous meta-shenanigans.


The other brainteasers are similar wastes of time. We all have those goofy moments at work when we wondered ‘why are we are here for this ‘ or ‘did I need all my education for this? Full of word games, visual jokes and sideways jabs, this book throws a sharp, pointed lawn dart into the heart of contemporary life. I don’t know what anyone expects from Douglas Coupland these days, much less what I expect from the man.

JPod ‘s universe is amoral, shameless, and dizzyingly fast-paced like our dojglas.

JPod: Douglas Coupland: Bloomsbury USA

Admittedly some of them are pretty close to the mark. My usual enjoyment of a book lies in how much I miss it after the final page. If you’ve read some or lot’s of him before, try and laugh. And if I’m wrong, then it’s just a boring book. As I’ve detailed here before, I have for most of my adult life been an obsessive fan of “Generation X” phrase-coiner Douglas Coupland; but while I read literally everything from his first couplane up to Miss Wyoming when younger, mostly for personal reasons, and have read literally everything from The Gum Thie Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter.

A hilarious satire of modern capitalism and consumerism. Just do your yourself a favor and get it out of the way early. And it’s a great read. Like Watson is dojglas Sherlock Holmes.