The complete series list for – The Dopeman Trilogy JaQuavis Coleman. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. by JaQuavis Coleman includes books The Dopeman’s Wife, The Dopefiend: Part 2 of the Dopeman’s Trilogy, and Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch. See the. The explosive start to an epic urban trilogy from New York Times best-selling author JaQuavis Coleman. Once the streets pull you in, they own you. Or at least .

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The only weakness he has ever had dopekan a childhood friend and also the love of his life—a beauty named Sunny. Flowing text, Original pages. The next installment in the bold and sexy series by the fearless New York Times bestselling author.

Somebody holds the ticket to the jury’s verdict. Ddopeman, a professional assassin, is convinced that an old score with a former client from Detroit was settled a long time ago. To rate and review, sign in. He was raised by a hustling, well-connected mother and was taught early about street survival. Rubbing elbows with the most notorious, ruthless leaders of the underworld will get him what he wants.

Additional terms Terms of transaction. Now the police are looking for their eyewitness, and Kasheef has to get to Alija before her day comes to testify against him in court.

The only thing that is certain is that he has to stay out the way and off the radar of the Feds until he can figure out how to get his lady out of prison. New York Times bestseller JaQuavis Coleman pens an intricate, fast-paced street thriller that tells a bold story of true love, addiction, and murder.

An old friend of his mother takes Sean under his wing copeman introduces him to a life dopemna drug dealing at its highest level. She’ll do anything to feed her habit, even if that means robbing and conning and selling her own body. JaQuavis Coleman May 1, The FBI has launched an intricate plot to take down one of the most prolific drug organizations in the summer ofand Seven Smith is their main target. Lies and truth collide. But can he win at their game of murder and money?

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Part 2 of the Dopeman’s Trilogy, JaQuavis Coleman chillingly chronicles the life and crimes of Harlem resident Hazel Brown, as she rises to the highest highs and spirals into an inevitable, devastating downfall. There was an error posting your review.

The Dopefiend: Part 2 of the Dopeman Trilogy

In this gripping and heart-wrenching story, doepman will meet Sean. Lola Banks is the daughter of a well-known hit man and street legend in Ohio. Capabilities Text to speech. Part 2 triloty the Dopeman Trilogy. Your review will post soon. His life is slowly headed on a downward spiral, and his decline from street fame is filled with murder, lies, backstabbing, and a struggle to survive. When his mother is brutally murdered, Sean is thrust into a cold world all alone.

The Dopeman Trilogy Series in Order – JaQuavis Coleman – FictionDB

Welcome to a world where the kings meet their end and no one stays at the top for long. All it takes is one murder to change a million lives, and that’s exactly what happens to Kasheef Williams on a cold, black Friday.

Memoirs of a Snitch is a complex tale about the life and times of one the biggest drug traffickers the Midwest has ever seen. Her addiction brings her to the slums, where she quickly dipeman the tricks of surviving—of hustling and getting her street smarts. She’ll do anything to feed her habit, even if that means robbing and conning and selling her own body.

His empire dopman at his feet and he has no idea how to rebuild his kingdom. Everyone has a different angle, but the only question is, who has the most influence over Kasheef’s fate? Yet no matter how much heroin she does, the pain that’s cut so deep within her never goes away in this story so intimate and trilogh written, you’ll feel like you’re walking in her shoes.

Ratings and reviews No one’s rated or reviewed this product yet. Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more dpoeman. Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader.

Order of Dopeman’s Trilogy Books –

The young hustler falls in love with a woman who is off-limits, and he has to make a difficult decision that puts many people’s lives at risk. He promises to marry her and make her “Queen of the Street. Seven establishes a relationship with an xopeman and coming hustler and dopeamn him under his wing. The Day the Streets Stood Still. Sunny has a struggle with drugs, and along her road to recovery, Sean falls victim to the vice as well.


Please try again later. King Sean makes a solid name for himself in the street game. Memoirs of a Snitch Part 3 of Dopeman’s Trilogy. This is a hustler’s love triloby at its absolute finest. As their relationship unravels, both of their dark secrets are uncovered, pitting them against each other in this exciting tale of love and deception.

The Dopeman Series

With his wife, Miamor, facing federal charges and his dear brother, six feet under, Carter has never been more alone. After 7 years of prison, multi-millionaire drug mogul Kane Garrett is back on the streets. But the lady from Detroit has never forgotten-or forgiven-Gideon, and eopeman a crack team of hit-men, she’s not letting him out of her sight.

After a reunion with an old friend goes wrong in a Long Island night club, Kasheef is forced to protect himself by any means necessary. Now, Gideon’s on the run again, embarking on a global chase that takes him from London to Nashville, and back to the Caribbean where those on both sides of this battle are dying for revenge. After walking in on a situation she was never meant to dopemzn, she runs; but Kasheef sees her face, and he tells her that it’s best for her to get temporary amnesia.

Trulogy, with Dying for Revenge, he returns to that adrenaline- fueled underworld. In this dramatic, hood savvy tale, things dopemab always as they seem.