Por esta razón, las zonas litorales pueden presentar una mayor biodiversidad. En este trabajo se analizó la distribución horizontal de tecamebas y rotíferos en. Annales d Limnologie – José de Paggi SB (a) Diversidad de Rotiferos Monogononta en el Bajo Paraná. Tesis Doctoral, Universidad Nacional . DIVERSIDAD Y ABUNDANCIA DE COMUNIDADES ZOOPLANCTONICAS cladóceros, Copépodos, Diversidad alfa, diversidad beta, Limnologia, rotíferos .

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Zooplankton richness, abundance and biomass of two hypertrophic shallow lakes with different salinity in central Argentina.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Map showing the studied area and 21 points of sampling. Changes in the number of organisms L -1 of four main zooplanktonic communities in Pantanos de Villa, Lima, Peru.

International Review of Hydrobiology Revista Chilena de Historia Natural Epiphanidae and Brachionidae Rotifera: Turkish Journal of Zoology Journal of Environmental Biology Journal of Plankton Research 35 6: Biota Neotropica 12 2: Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment Conservation Biology 19 3: Zooplankton diversity and its relationship with environmental changes after the filling of a temporary saline lake in the semi-arid region of La Pampa, Argentina.


Long-term study of plankton in Rio Tercero Reservoir Argentina rotieros relation to a nuclear power plant operation.

The presence of macrophytes in the littoral zone of lakes produces particular conditions including higher resource availability for consumers. Diversity and zoogeography of Rotifera Monogononta in a flood plain lake of the Ichilo River, Bolivia, with notes on little-known species.

Rotifera of the Superorder Monogononta recorded from Neotropis. A review of the evidence, the mechanisms, and the effects on zooplancton community structure. Annotated checklist of rotifers of Tehran province, Iran, with notes on new records. Diversity and endemism in Rotifera: Biota Neotropica 10 3: The rotifer world catalog.

A revised and updated checklist of Monogononta rotifers from Argentina | Ferrando | Check List

Lepadella ovalis, Colurella uncinata, Mytilina ventralis y Trichotria tetractis. Annales de Limnologie 36 4: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Genus Mesocyclops Sars, Acta Scientiarum Biological Sciences 26 4: Villagra de Gamundi, A.

Monogononta from Northern Apennine lakes: The Rotifera; diverrsidad wheel-animalcules, both British and foreign. Impact of fish introduction on planktonic food webs in lakes of the Patagonian plateau. Synthesis of Brazilian Rotifera: Cladocers, copepods, alpha diversity, beta diversity, limnology, rotifer.


In addition, the presence of 13 species in samples from three water bodies within Buenos Aires province are now cited here for the first time in Argentina. Beta diversity on geographic gradients in Britain.

New Rotifera from Kenya, with a revision of the Ituridae.

Checklist of rotifers in Wasim district of Maharashtra, India. ABSTRACT The presence of macrophytes in the littoral zone of lakes produces particular conditions including higher resource availability for consumers.

Zur Kenntnis der limnischen Rotatorienfauna Jamaikas Rotatoria: Cladocera Chydoridae of high altitude water bodies Serra da Mantiqueirain Brazil. Geometric morphometric and biometric analysis for the systematic elucidation of Brachionus caudatus Barrois dw Daday, Rotifera Monogononta Brachionidae forms.