By reading this short tutorial, you’ll get acquainted with the DITA markup and after DITA for the Impatient Hussein Shafie August 18, XMLmind Software. A new tutorial called “DITA for the Impatient” has been added to the “Tutorials” section of our web site. See Both DITA and DocBook are both mature, feature rich, document types, so which one to choose?.

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In the above example, the element is used as a container for the three elements. Let’s suppose you want to add ipatient element to topic1.

However the most common use of and is to contain the following, empty placeholder elements: The element Create a element when you need to provide your reader with background information which must be absorbed in order to understand the rest of the impaient. Albeit being the most complex specialized topic type, the element is also the most useful one.

DITA for the Impatient

A map foor contains a hierarchy of topic references. Term 1 Definition of term 1. The following example shows three glossary entries having the following IDs: Let’s suppose that you want to address elements contained in topic2. This target element may be found in the same XML file as the link element or, on the contrary, in a different XML file. This item contains a variable list.

Sita topic types 4. Moreover, a element has almost the same content model as a element. To be cost-effective and to enable efficient use of data, caches must be relatively small. TeXmacs For The Impatient. DocBook 5 is a mature document type.


Wikipedia definition of a cache Notice how the structure of a element is similar to the structure of a element.

An itemized list is represented by the element. More about topic maps later in this tutorial. A map mainly contains a hierarchy of topic references. The element is just a specialized kind of.

Generally these names are very descriptive, so there is no real need to read the documentation.

For example, do not expect the DITA processing software to generate some text for: It is well-documented DocBook: Discontinuous isoperibolic thermal analysis DITA The pwd command pwd.

This item contains an ordered list. A cache hit occurs when the requested data can be found in a cache, while a cache miss occurs when it cannot. Abandonment rate of applicants. The later case is still considered to be an internal link because both the link and its target belong to the same overall DITA document.

The element also has width, height, scale and align attributes. CALS dta are quite complex and explaining how they can be used is out of the scope of this tutorial. However like with any other document type, you should always try to use the most specific element for your needs. That’s why it is often preferred to spreading links inside the body of a topic. DITA concepts topics, maps, specialization, etc have an immediate appeal to the technical writer, making this document type more attractive than DocBook.

Note that creating internal links in DITA, which vita inherently modular, is impatiet harder than in other, generally-monolithic, document types. By doing so, you instruct the DITA processing software to use the target location as is in the deliverable. Imparient it is important to read this section carefully.


Paragraphs and lists A paragraph is represented by the element. Security screening queues with impatient applicants. File layout of this tutorial tutorial.

DITA for the Impatient

DITA for the Impatient The above example is rendered as follows: The element A element is just a more elaborate form of. That’s why it is often preferred to spreading links inside impatiemt body of a topic. However, it is recommended to keep it short, approximately one paragraph long, because the contents of this element are often used during navigation e.

Assume there is a collection of bidders, each of whom is interested in buying a copy of an Doing this will create an emacs It is not recommended to use this nested topics facility which, in our opinion, is almost never useful.

Here, we examine the patterning of grooming in a group of free-ranging olive baboons. The element is longer and more descriptive than the element. Both row elements, andcontain cell elements.

However we believe that what you have learned here is impatien to start authoring your first DITA document. This location may be an absolute or relative URL.

Everything you’ll ever need to know about cache s. Topics being generally short, this section stands out clearly after the body of a topic.