Known Hazards. None known. Botanical References. Range. Tropical Africa – Sierra Leone to Ethiopia, south to Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Habitat. Abstract. Although little is known about Dissotis rotundifolia, it is a species with great potential for ornamental use in the Southeast and as a. Welcome to the famous Dave’s Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

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Each pot should be labeled with the species name, origin of the plant, and date potted. Seedlings are slow-growing for the first several months and grow more quickly thereafter Solt and Wurdack, Dissotis rotundifolia is a member of the Melastomaceae family, which is comprised of tropical and subtropical plants.

Dissotis rotundifolia – Useful Tropical Plants

If the crosses to be made are interspecific crosses, each population of the other Dissotis species to be crossed with D. Control of the growth and spreading of the plants is much easier in a greenhouse, also.

Personal tools Log in. Why two kinds of stamens in buzz-pollinated flowers?

The petals of the flower are 1. Risk assessment of emerging weed threats detected in Queensland. The genus Heterotis included about 23 species mostly distributed in the tropics. Pacific Islands Ecosystems at Risk. Manual of the flowering plants of Hawaii.

Dissotis rotundifolia

Figure 8 Mature Dissotis rotundifolia fruits, with ruler to show size roundifolia fruit. It is adapted to open-sunny places as well as to shaded areas with high canopy cover Prota4U, ; PIER, and prefers soils with pH ranging from 6 mildly acidic to 7. National Tropical Botanic Gardens, pp. It has been intentionally planted as an ornamental principally in tropical regions because of its attractive flowers.


One technique is to use insect pollinators, such as honey bees or bumble bees; another is to use a mechanical pollinating wand. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms.

The seeds should germinate in approximately two weeks. According to RennerDissotis rotundifolialike all the Melastomaceae, is buzz-pollinated by bees in its native range.

Dissotis, Pinklady

Nigerian Journal rotundidolia Weed Science, 3: Chromosome number and the mutation rate in avena and triticum. Efficacy of Dissotis rotundifolia on Trypanosoma brucei brucei infection in rats. The stems are woody on lower parts of the plant and become hirsutemeaning hairy, towards the top of the plant.

Each plant has the potential to produce large numbers of seeds Woodgyer, In Australia, Singapore and Nigeria this species is classified as a weed in natural areas and plantations Melifonwu and Orkwor, ; Chong et al. Treatment with oryzalin is done by applying a single drop of 50 u mol L-1 in a solution made with 5.

Characters distinguishing the family have been listed by Woodgyer Figure 9 Opened Dissotis rotundifolia fruit under microscope to evaluate seed.

Plants exhibiting polyploidy, dissoyis interspecific hybrids, may be sterile. In the field, this growth habit could cause one population to very easily grow out of its plot and intermingle with another population.


Different populations of Dissotis rotundifolia should be clearly labeled in order to minimize errors when crossing. When the bees alight on the flower to gather pollen, they concentrate on the feeding anthers.

The chromosome number reported for H. Post a comment about this plant.

The trailing habit of this species lends itself well to use in a hanging basket Ruter, personal communication, Spanish shawl; trailing dissotis Spanish: This plant has been said to grow in the following regions: The wands are readily available from greenhouse supply companies and require only a supply of batteries to keep them operational. The foliage cascades down very luxuriantly and looks great even with no flowers.

However, inducing polyploidy may restore fertility to sterile diploid hybrids. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the seeds under a microscope in order to evaluate the number and quality of seed personal observation Figure 9 and The goal of the crosses is to bring the best features of the Dissotis species being crossed into the hybrid dissotie to induce polyploidy Ruter, personal communication, Once the pollen is collected from the flowers of the male plant, it is applied to the stigma by paintbrush rptundifolia other implement Rotundifollia 7.

The risk of introduction of H. This plant excels in shade best.