Suggested references are: G. Ghione Semiconductor Device for High-Speed Wiley (); G. Ghione Dispositivi per la Microelettronica, McGraw Hill (). Basics in solid state physics [Fonstad, Sze02, Singh, Ghione]. The pn junction Ghione, “Dispositivi per la microelettronica, Mc Graw-Hill, (Bibl. Tecn. G. Ghione, Dispositivi per la microelettronica, McGraw-Hill – J. P. Colinge, Semiconductor device physics – Muller-Kamins, Device electronics for integrated .

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Il voto finale viene determinato tenendo conto sia della prova scritta che della prova orale. The value of the three parts is approximately the same.

Piazzale Europa, 1 – – Trieste, Italia – Tel. Course statistics – enrollment and graduations data.


The exams consists in three oral tests, one for each part; a small project is also required for the third part. By default, the width in the third dimension is taken to be equal to 1mm. This teaching module is centered on the designa and the development of an instrument which will be used in an experiment at the Elettra Synchrotron Radiation Facility.

PS2 — I2C protocols. At equilibrium drift and diffusion microscopically counterbalance each other and no current flows in the device. Knowledge of the working principles of traditional semiconductor devices pn junction, bipolar junction transistor, MOSFET is also taken for granted.


Electronic Devices and Components — Uniud IT

Scaling in ICs [Fonstad, p. Synthesis and post-layouot simulation Verilog HDL. The space-charge region width is increased, and there is a diminution of minority carriers compared to the equilibrium condition. Therefore, carriers crossing the depletion region are accelerated to high velocity.

The occurrence of first avalanche or first Zener breakdown by increasing the reverse voltage depends on the characteristics of the diode materials, doping. Techniques for FPGA configuration. Betti Beneventi 37 Post-processing: Finally, is called the ideality factor, it is a number between 1 and 2; the more the generation-recombination phenomena are important, the more its values approaches 2.

Pe possible semiconductor device is made by a so-called pn-junction. Betti Beneventi 11 SWB: Theoretical lectures and practice classes are used in the course.

The course, taught in English, is mandatory as an alternative to Optoelettronica for the MSc-level program in Electronic Engineering. In forward bias dispsitivi diode is conducting, ideally as a short circuit.

The course includes an introductory overview of optoelectronics and optoelectronic devices, such as photodetectors and electo-optic modulators, and a brief description of power semiconductor devices.

Regole d’esame Assessment and grading criteria.

Nanoelectronics and Bioelectronics (integrato con Electronic Devices and Components)

Teacher Status SSD h. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Organizzazione dell’insegnamento Course structure. The final grade is obtained combining lw the written and oral part partial grades.


Betti Beneventi 19 Sdevice: The theoretical topics that may be discussed during the oral test are listed in the Contents section. It depends on many physical parameters like doping and diffusion lengths.

DIDATTICA del Dip. di Ingegneria :: Scheda Docente – Università del Salento

Practice classes will allow the students to quantitatively apply the equations derived in class on semiconductor heterostructures and for the main heterostructure devices. Cautero, 3 cfu Il corso consiste di lezioni teoriche e di esercitazioni in aula. Type of Learning Activity. Betti Beneventi 12 SWB: By specifying this value, on the contrary, currents are multiplied by AreaFactor, which in this example with take equal to 2 mm G. Betti Beneventi 14 SDE: Betti Beneventi 51 Uniform doping: The minority carrier profile it is approximated with a linear behavior if there is no generation-recombination i.

Nikolic, Digitial Integrated Circuits: