The term Disneyfication (also Disneyisation) describes the transformation of a society to The term also appears in The Cultures of Cities (), by Sharon Zukin, and was popularized in The Disneyization of Society (), by Alan Bryman. I am grateful to: Blackwell Publishers for permission to use material from ‘The Disneyization of society’, The Sociological Review, 47 (1), , 25–47; SAGE. The Disneyization of Society [Alan Bryman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alan Bryman has expanded on his internationally well-known.

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Byrne ; Young However, the principle underlying hybrid consumption at airports is different from most of the other instances covered thus far.

Disneyfication – Wikipedia

Quoted in Fantasia First, each theme park is itself themed in the sense of having an overarching narrative unity. Hamilton and Harlow noted a considerable growth in this area and suggested that in the early s sales at airport shops were growing three times faster than on the high street.

Examples of brand theming are: These are invariably a major source of income and have moved far beyond the small shop you pass through as you exit the museum or the tiny restaurant serving a limited range of drinks and food. In placing a zoo in the midst of Disney World, which comprises theme parks, water parks, nearly 20 hotels, six golf courses, and numerous restaurants, including one of the Rainforest Cafe chain in the Animal Kingdom and a hotel very close to it, hybrid consumption in relation to zoos is magnified.

Our captive breeding programs have been tremendously successful in preserving rare and endangered species for generations to come.


Socidty from 18 countries one of which was the United States, where five different locations were studied were involved in the overall project. Others have essentially themed along these lines and in the process reinvented themselves.

I will have more to say about this issue in Chapter 3. Theming can be found with varying degrees of elaborateness in other retail sectors as well. The early Las Vegas institutions often employed Wild West theming,25 while bars and restaurants have frequently loosely themed themselves on such motifs as sport or the movies. The aroma of Old World baking fills the air. Milano, Geneva, Brussels, etc. With hybrid consumption systems, forms of consumption are brought together in new and often imaginative ways.

A distinction may usefully be drawn between structural and transferred Disneyization. Just as with themed restaurants, themed shops and the extravagant simulated environments that often accompany them are differentiation strategies.

In a sense this is a form of reflexive theming but it is off much richer one than most organizations involved in such theming can enjoy, in that it extends beyond corporate logos and stylized architecture.

The Disneyization of Society by Alan Bryman

The whole Walt Disney philosophy eats out of your hand with these pretty little sentimental creatures in grey fur coats. As Umberto Eco puts it: This insistence seems to have been relaxed to a considerable extent in the other Disney theme parks in that the different components are visible from each other.

The visual impact is underscored with sounds and other disheyization effects such as smoke in the aftermath of a German bomb when visitors exit the bunker. In each country, the target respondents were university students. Buescher and Ono However, the central point is that the parks exemplify and symbolize the four aspects of Disneyization.



Until fairly recently, its best known monument was Seaside in Florida, which began life in December and was was the setting for the Jim Carrey film, The Truman Show. Fairgoers threaded their way on foot or in hired disnejization among a hurly-burly of exotic attractions: There were also numerous shows including re-enactments of historical events.

Three aquariums hold a number of varieties of prized fish, while almost seven hundred different kinds of animals in total are mounted in and around every department of the store. Initially, some major combinations of consumption forms will be concentrated upon. Services that entertain and that are memorable — that provide fun — are the kinds of experience that are increasingly becoming expected features. From Socirty, the free encyclopedia.

In fact, his excellent analysis of the extension of Disneyization throughout society explains why we should care about the Disney phenomenon at all. Essentially, the strategy is one of seeking to give guests as few reasons as possible for wanting or needing to leave Disney property. The costs are likely to revolve around the expenses associated with supplying the physical embodiment of the theme in terms of visual, auditory and even tactile stimuli and the costs of training staff to behave in ways consonant with the cisneyization and other aspects of desirable service provision.

He also noticed that many parents were like him in that they only frequented these parks to appease their children.