Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories | Table of Contents | Walkthrough However, you must first unlock the Dark World dimensional guide before any stages can be. Disgaea 2 has 13 ratings and 0 reviews. pages jam-packed with extreme detail! We went a little nuts. * Exploiting The Dark Assembly. Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories – The Official Strategy Guide [Double Jump Publishing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. pages.

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Shoes can increase this a lot, this can help a lot if you need a character to be able to move long distances. Try to be prepared cureed going into each battle, make sure you save after each one and be ready.

Grave of Alchemy This one originally would be simple.

Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories Official Strategy Guide Doublejump Books Ps2 | eBay

Below are some basic tactics Some Spoilers. As stated earlier, to get more stages available in the Dark World selection, certain requirements must be passed for each individual stage. If you are careful and only attempt to take on at a time MAKE Sfrategy you take out that dragon first thing as quickly as possible and then you should be fine through the rest of the battle taking out just a guude at a time. You can also try throwing a character to the panels and taking them out, but I think that would end up getting too messy.

After that, there should be very few enemies left, and all meories have to do is finish those up. There is one trick if you have a character that is on a panel when it is not entry, then it becomes entry moving panel or someone throws it on that color then you can have that character that was on it before move either way. Showing of 22 reviews.


First off this will affect both enemies and allies. Explore the Home Gift Guide. When you first bring out your characters it’s the hardest, you have like birds surrounding you. The Test is not as easy as it seems however, because he is on level and you have to beat him to get access to the dark world. This is a quick list, that provides a list of controls for inside the battles, the menu’s in battle, outside of battles, and menus outside of battle.

First Battle At first this battle sounded horribly hard invincible squad my ass. For example it will change information in the status menu. However one thing be careful of her higher level bow attack because it can cause massive amounts of damage if you are not careful.

I worked my way over, and headed right. Putrid Courtroom “sephirosuy” has the best strategy I could find. You want to minimize the number of characters you have to level while still getting all the ones you need.

Disgaea 2 Cursed Memories Official Strategy Guide Doublejump Books Ps2

At the end Laharl and Flonne love each other at that point basically Flonne if you get the good ending is turned into a Fallen Angel. That said these are minor details compared to how the cjrsed itself actually handles itself and the information.

I want to get feedback on anything, strategies, tips, hints.

The manga-style reverse format, combined with placing the section up-side down was an interesting idea. Special Fight This fight isn’t too hard as long as you are a decent level. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. This might not be too easy because it’s hard to get to it, the enemies aren’t easy. Defense DEF def Description: Other than stratefy it’s a breeze.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories: FAQ/Walkthrough

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Arrived quickly and in good condition. So I basically hit far off enemies first, then close ones with addell, and threw in a little clean up with Rozalin and my archer.


Semi-Final The only real strategy I could think of for this battle was to get to a semi-decent level, and pull out all your main characters. What’s New on SuperCheats?

They are refered to as “mysterious button” make sure when that comes up you press it. After you clear that simply destroy the panel, and finish off the last there should be one remaing bird towards the southern left areaand finish him up easy compared to the trek over to the entry panel. Adell and his mother decide to use Rozalin to lead them to Zenon, so that Adell can defeat him and fulfill his promise to restore his family to human form.

Check out DoubleJump’s Disgaea 2: Take her out the same way, 2 archer’s left. All you have to do is just get them. If you use rozalin, a great distance away you can hit a geo symbol fairly close to the exit. If you are not high enough level likely then there is something still you can do that will benefit you greatly here.

The leveling sections explain the best way to level, the only way to level is by gaining experience, and getting experience leads to getting levels by acquiring certain amounts of experience. Always when you get a new variationreincarnate the old variation into the new. Julian Patton marked it as to-read Oct 30,