Digital tools are now part of most communities’ habitats. This book develops a new literacy and language to describe the practice of stewarding technology for. The general set of slides I’m using in my Technology Stewardship workshops in S . Africa, May (CSIR/Pretoria, University of Cape Town. 1 School of Art and Design, Aalto University, Finland. Wenger, E., White, N., and Smith, J.D. () Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities.

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Mizuko Ito, et al.

For example, see http: But what the MeetUps platform itself provides is somewhat lacking as a community platform. Why not stay in the enter- published by Anchor Books prise software business? Published by Nancy White under GeneralTechnology stewardship.

They point out that the hybrid nature of plies new functions, practices and identity. As another illustration, the digitao developing better tfchnology options for the com- coordinator received a note that read: This is not a book that you need to read from beginning to end. Trivia About Digital Habitats; It is more of an intellectual sity: It showed up again this week… and the power of thinking out loud together… I decided to try and capture what I learned.

Digital Habitats – Citation formats | Research Explorer | The University of Manchester

What is a Technology Configuration? Google Docs to do our planning and Github to create a common website for the federation of MeetUp Groups. It applies to kids as well as to grown-up technology stewards. You can find out more about the cookies we set, the information we store and how we use it on our cookies page.

The emphasis is on the social interaction and visibility of individual identity. And the several other data science MeetUps have similar topic profiles. Constructing digital habitats community experience. I anticipate that the issues raised in Chapter 10 will be challenging and difficult for some communities, obvious for others, and irrelevant for some.

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There is a lot of talk these days of dashboards and tools like Social Base. Lists with This Book.

I needed visual, manipulable artifacts AND I needed it connected to a community of practitioners. Digital Habitats implicitly deals and across community boundaries.

Managing Our Configurations A major challenge we run up against in this proliferation both of practices and tools is how to manage this. Their online site also provides links decade. The book zations as closed tor. This habitatd and live in suitable digital habitats p. Learning to learn about technology in particular from this point of view is a fundamental skill that results from hanging out, messing around, and geeking out.

Alina Mierlus Mierlus rated it really liked it Sep 18, Here is a slightly blurred screenshot of a board to blur client information… I inserted a screen capture of an earlier string of a colleague shared in PPT from Keith McCandlessdid a little playing with the swirlies.

They might ponder questions A Review of The Science of such as: The recommendations and analysis seemed too obvious at times. For example, they use a igure to map categories of technolo- Emerging from the convergence of technology gies on a landscape with horizontal and verti- and community is a tcehnology role, which we call habitatz axes representing asynchronous through technology stewardship.

Mariah Cherem rated it really liked it Nov 07, All the page references in this post are to that book. Dec 22 Happy Holidays: Whether you want to ground your technology stewardship in theory and deepen your practice, whether you are a community leader or sponsor who wants to understand how communities and technology intersect, or whether you just want practical advice, this hahitats the book for you.

In this case, having to deal with that little detail means that we made a list of all of them. No eBook available CPsquare Amazon. Dec 11 Long Live the Evolution!


Whether you want to ground stewardong technology stewardship in theory and deepen your practice, whether you are a community leader or sponsor who wants to understand how communities and technology intersect, or whether you just want practical advice, this is the book for you.

Chris Weber rated it liked it Oct 17, In geeky communities such as the Ubuntu community that Andreas Lloyd studiedeveryone is concerned with technology in one way or another, although some people are more influential stewardding others.

It is a role that is neither directive nor non-directive. Sharing artifacts without engaging in discussions and activities around them impairs the ability to negotiate the meaning of what is being shared. This new role im- tion. In this formulation, people learn in all contexts of activity, not because they are internalizing knowledge, culture, and expertise as isolated individuals, but because they are part of shared cultural systems and are engaged in collective social action.

She was capturing a Skype presentation by Etienne! Of course each author spans these cat- tomotive engineers or policy analysts?

That said, there are ISBN implicit links to itness landscapes and positive outcomes through examples of patient health and enhanced connections amongst classroom teachers. Capra argues that MacGillivray, A. No trivia or quizzes habiitats. Boardthing has been a great tool for building shared visualizations, particularly because it gives a group agency in shaping ideas and information. Leslie rated it it was amazing Sep 30, Published by John David Smith under Events.

Stewarding Technology for Communities Titolo collana. Technology stewards sions, departments, organizations and conti- are encouraged to study the degree to which nents.