Vanessa Redgrave portrays Vida Winter in this film, and her sister, Lynn Redgrave, portrays the part of Vida Winter in the audiobook by Diane Setterfield, on. Diane Setterfield’s debut novel arrived already wreathed in acclaim, and it’s easy to see why. The Thirteenth Tale is a cleverly plotted. Former academic Setterfield pays tribute in her debut to Brontë and du Maurier heroines: a The Thirteenth Tale. Diane Setterfield, Author.

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Calling on Margaret Lea, a fhe biographer troubled by her own painful history, Vida disinters the life she meant to bury for good. Sadly, this feeling was short-lived. What I liked about the book was the bookshop and library atmospheres. She gives you hints and such, but never an exact date.

If this is what women read and apparently there are people who actually enjoyed this catastrophe, in fact it has a higher rating than some Cormac McCarthy novels on here then we, as a species are lost. People were right when they said it’s a book for people who love books. Here’s a song that synced with the mood I fell into at that time Then Margaret finds the library: Or a dying gypsy’s curse.

All of the mysteries in this book expand, the layers go deeper. The next death was Isabelle’s, years later. Disinterring the life she meant to bury for good, Vida mesmerizes Margaret with the power of her storytelling.

When you read the book, you will notice that all through the times when Miss Winter is telling her story to Miss Lea that there is mysteries within mysteries. What I can say is that every time I listened, I was completely drawn into another world.

She has nothing but the most obvious, predictable, easy, pop-psychology thoughts to offer vis-a-vis twins, but these ideas are all delivered in overwrought, hyperbolic, purple prose. Leaving the family without a legal owner and financial manager of Angelfield, the Missus and John-the-dig were left to manage the family themselves.

The Thirteenth Tale

The second floor was her favorite place of discovery. Her isolation found in reading, enables her to have a thirtenth open relationship with her father and contemplating changes of an even greater kind. Jane Eyre provides a link setterfiele all these characters, and the ripped pages indicate the ending of all their stories. This is the main theme of the book, with the key character Margaret feels like half a person; she discovers that her twin has died and she learns she was conjoined from the scar on her side confirmed by her father.


I didn’t figure out all the mysteries until the very end, which for me is highly unusual. Because of the explicit references to earlier classic gothic novels, the reader has to assume this is a tribute to them, rather than a pastiche or unconscious imitation. It’s beautiful and terrible. The central preoccupation twle this novel is twinning, or twinness. After the first quarter of the book, the story got very ‘strange’, for lack of a better term.

A tale with a twist

Yes I might have ended up highlighting more than half of the book. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Jesus, I can’t say enough bad things about this book. And with the fifth, no resolution, only the feeling that sooner or later the fragile bonds that linked this random set of notes would give way as the links with the rest of the tune had given way, and even this last, empty fragment would be gone for good, scattered settrfield the wind like the last leaves from a winter tree.

Price dianr vary by retailer. Edit Did You Know? They were strange all through, right into their very hearts.

The speed of the pen. And now, suddenly after all these years, she wanted Margaret Lea, in particular, to write down the real truth – the one story she could never share, the story that needed to come alive for the dead to rest in peace Imagine surviving an earthquake. When I pick up a book it is more often than not, the story rather than the way it is narrated that works for me.

There is a mystery surrounding “The Thirteenth Tale” as the only copies including this story were pulled setterfielld the publisher, subsequent editions were retitled, but the general public always remembered the original title and many book-lovers had sought an explanation.

To ask other readers questions about The Thirteenth Taleplease sign up. It was once the imposing home of the March family facininating, manipulative Isabell, charlie, her brutal and dangerous brother and the wild untamed twins. In the mythologies of many cultures around the world, twins make frequent appearances. With promises of a ghost story involving twins, Winter desperately implores the bibliophile to reconsider.


Vida Winter who is a famous author requests for Margaret Lee to write her biography Margaret Lee at first refrains because she has only written biographies of dead literary figures but then decides to do thurteenth. The chapters of the book switch between the past and present day life of the two main characters Margaret Lea, Vida Winter.

All living memory sehterfield them ceases. The separation also proved painful, it was no ordinary separation and each twin would have rather died than live on without the other.

The following is filled with passages picked up from the book, which may not be of any interest to anyone but me. I would rather have an overlong, unweildy, messy wonderful novel that completely absorbs me than a shorter, tidier, but slight novel that doesn’t touch me emotionally.

Interview: Oliver Burkeman meets novelist Diane Setterfield | Opinion | The Guardian

The story unfolds in a beautiful, well, what should be, a beautiful mansion in the countryside of London. Out aetterfield the blue, she writes to an a “Tell me the truth. Recording Winter’s account the author allows no questionsLea becomes completely immersed in the strange and troubling story.

Jane Eyre moves from the beginning as a book that is often discussed, to an important part of the story; the inner furniture of Margaret’s and Miss Winter’s minds. Intrigued, Margaret agrees to meet with the ageing author—if only to discuss her reasons for not accepting the position as Winter’s biographer. The story is a beautiful tale even though it is incredibly disturbing at times and so very sad.

And the Angelfied family itself.

I loved the twins Emmeline and Adeline, this is just a way to describe them which is written word by word in the book. Before accepting, Margaret reads and falls in diaje with one of the author’s books called Thirteen Tales of Change and Desperationbut she is surprised to find that it contains only twelve stories