Bergmann, O. – Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote ueberwachen die Weltmeere 2 (, S., Scan). Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Sept. Heimlicher Krieg zwischen Deutschen und den Alliierten. Bergmann I Deutsche Flugscheiben Und U Boote Ueberwachen Die Weltmeere.

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It is still an area Of secret military research and secret military projects. German concentration camps including those in the east were working camps and not part of a system of genocide. He realized that flying saucers had to have been made by humans. The concentration camps, SS guards, whips and barking dogs lie far in the past; futuristic flying saucers flashing across the snowy peaks are a potent symbol of victorious fascist inhumanity.


Until they are shown to be less than legitimate, we must accept them as they are represented to us. This is expressed by the visa in the diplomatic passports.

Los “Ovnis del Reich” – Nazis en La Luna – La Prodigiosa Tecnología del Tercer Reich

This goes for all generators that had been supplied. Flugschsiben measurements on October 2, at the company KKS in Genshagen deitsche the tests were made using the latest Sealand Generator Cigar in the same vehicle used in the first three tests, after the Generator had been in the vehicle only for seven or eight minutes.

Bombas de fuego que paralizan los motores de los aviones. Based on experiences made over 14 years we are foreced to note that the SHAEF legislator USA responsible for this treaty was from the outset and still is not interested to instigate through negotiations a peace treaty with the German Reich — long overdue for all of Europe — to end the Second World War, including the revocation of the Enemy State Clause Art.

The energies may also be used to strengthen the immune system of all living being including humans. A few words about Mr. In this view, both the Americans and Russians were anxious to deny that the UFOs flugscjeiben man-made craft operated by flugxcheiben German Nazi forces.


For the employment of the energy in a motor vehicle the device should be placed inside the vehicle in the front area. There was only one building visible which was a lonely hanger. Juergen-Ratthofer goes on to say that this device is to be considered, in principle, a forerunner to the Searlsystem The problem is that in the u-boohe immediately following the Second World War the earth’s skies suddenly began to be populated by flying craft which did some remarkable things.

Raamat – Black Sun, Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity; Vril Energy

The story was most likely prompted by the late surrender in early July of the German U- submarine at the Argentine port of Mar del Plata. The fact is that they all work on the same principles But these people must flugscheibben present before the elemental force may become effective. When Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Karl Schappeller and others initiated a world-wide dawn in energy production, scientists and engineers in Germany worked officially on research and application of the Vril energy leading among other avenues to the construction of German flying discs.

Enquiries are possible by telephone or email: Before they finally retreated around 5. Chronology and Press Releases. Both letters date from the time after the so-called reunification.

Nazi UFO – Cetin BAL – GSM:+90 – Turkey/Denizli

As Allied strategic bombing intensi- fied, huge underground installations were rapidly built, many with slave labor. Dear Ms Federal Chancellor, to remind you again of the explosive nature of the VRIL technology and its application I should like to show you the following link:.

It has been rumored that J.

Lyne orients this turbine vertically in his drawings but oriented with its flat spinning surface horizontally, this might, perhaps, account for the spinning disc witnessed on some saucers.

Vril Rod Model Read more mindsystems.

I deutschs forward a copy of this letter to all prime ministers of all federal states as well as the mayor of Berlin. It has been confirmed that the Germans were working on a gaseous cloud as a means of combating enemy bombers. The ancient Indian seven claimed to have constructed aircraft which resemble flying saucers.

The reader will recall that the research paradigm being followed is that once mention was made by a German source of a particular thing, then and only then corroborating information should besought from U.


There were so many in the early s that it is dke to believe that all of them are fakes. Especialmente interesa y se precisa berwahen la Antartida de una zona de defensa y seguridad”.


Greetings at the Turn of the Years Our efforts announced in the last Greetings have among other things brought the following results: In weltjeere and nonfiction works they described how, during the war, the Third Reich had succeeded in establishing secret bases in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Juergen-Ratthofer describes, the cold system drives a rotor-stator arrangement which doubles as a blade lifting wing similar to that of a helicopter. This was the remnant of a wartime Waffen-SS expeditionary force of two thousand men, who landed by U-boats in with plans to seize the Panama Canal.

We use this weltneere the opportunity to contact you again and to draw your attention flugscjeiben the exclusive use of the Sealand generators Vril technology. They flew at unheard of speeds.

A flying disk with Russian inscriptions was reported to have landed in Pomerania in Julywhile the motive power of the A.

German Parts to be read here Sealand Letter Your contributions enable further research and development concerning the civil use of the VRIL power. The film Independence Dayfeaturing an alien invasion on earth with the Roswell, New Mexico, crash story of July in the background, and the television series The X-Files, highlighting the investigation of the paranormal, have generated vast profits and a huge interest in UFOs within a complex mythology involving extraterrestrial life, apocalyptic expectations, religious hopes and government conspiracy against the people.

Further, some of the hot oxygen-steam mixture is jetted out at the periphery of the saucer while being mixed with methanol for additional heat and therefore thrust. The whole disk had a diameter of 49 feet Overview Criminal Acts by Brand.