1 Ismail Beşikçi, Tunceli Kanunu () ve Dersim Jenosidi [The law 3 Report from the Consul in Trabzon, 27 September (Public Record Office. The region of Dersim, renamed Tunceli in , stood markedly at odds with the politico- Hamdi Bey, a senior official, in a report of , called the area an. Get this from a library! Dersim: Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı’nın raporu.. [Turkey. Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı.].

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Dersim Massacre, 1937-1938

Government spokespersons have mentioned a figure of 1, families made homeless; the real number of families affected by the operations may be several times that figure. All were shot except one man named Ahmed Korkmaz, a former soldier, who was saved at the last moment.

It implemented revolutionary changes from above, such as the abolition of the Caliphate inand the introduction of the Swiss Civil Code in and the Latin alphabet in However, in Dersim itself it was not Kurdish, but radical left organizations that found support among local youth.

Heroic reports that recounted Kurdish exploits, resistance and the foundation of an independent Kurdish government appeared in the Armenian press in Turkey has accused the PKK of organizing this exodus in order to have a supportive population in civilian northern Iraq. Extermination in had targeted first those whose tribes and families were involved in the resistance. There are conflicting reports on compensation: In the districts near the Iraqi border, villagers were told that they had to become village guards or else disappear.

The campaign of Dersim was prepared well in advance and therefore was not a short-term reaction to a concrete uprising. Ecevit and the right-wing Nationalist Movement Party of Mr. Part of the evacuees soon dispersed; those who had relatives elsewhere in the country joined them.

Repression and increasing political isolation radicalized the Kurdish movement and caused a number of splits, but did not prevent it gaining ever more widespread support among the Kurds themselves. A restrictive historiographical use may, however, reserve the term genocide for mass killings of the 20th century, in which a higher proportion of a larger ethno-religious group was killed and the future of the whole group in its habitat was destroyed, as in the case of the Ottoman Armenians or the European Jews.

One might wonder, of course, whether this newspaper did not, for reasons of political propaganda, greatly exaggerate the. The Turkish air force also has several bases in the region, and it has been actively involved in the war against the PKK, carrying out bombing raids derdim northern Iraq but also allegedly bombing Kurdish villages inside Turkey.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dersim rebellion.

Sweep operations that started on September 6, were continued for 17 days. It has not been attempted to list all mezra.

However, since the evacuation may have taken place prior to the autumn operations during which the houses or villages were demolished, we only indicate evacuation when this is explicitly mentioned in our sources as taking place during September-November This does not necessarily imply that Dersim has been much worse afflicted, or was depopulated more thoroughly, than any other part of the Kurdish provinces. Eyewitnesses described literal conflagrations in the mountains, encircling the valleys like huge torches.

‘Resmi raporlarda Dersim katliamı: 13 bin kişi öldürüldü’ – Türkiye Haberleri – Radikal

The last great Kurdish rebellion, and the one most bloodily suppressed, took place in Dersim in Two limited rebellions then broke out, and armed groups harassed the Ottoman army.

A Modern History of the Kurds. During the Ottoman period, before the Tanzimatmost of the empire’s eastern regions were administrated by the Ottoman feudal system. Dersimm prime minister, Celal Bayar in office: A number of evictions had in dereim already taken place in these same districts earlier that year.

Many evacuees initially stay in nearby villages and towns, bringing some of their animals and hoping to return to their own village when the storm passed over. A main archive or centre of documentation of the Dersim massacre, however, does not yet exist. By the end of October, it was estimated that there were some homeless families in these district centres: The government’s ambitious plans for constructing ‘centre villages’ to resettle the inhabitants of dispersed mountain villages and hamlets are disconcerting in this context, even though it is claimed that resettlement will be ‘voluntary’.

We are not aware of any group of evicted villagers before the autumn of being given such dwellings, nor other forms of compensation. In the summer ofthe first significant PKK activities had been reported here, and it appears that the army was determined to prevent it from getting a foothold in this province, even at the cost of destroying it. During the summer and autumn, approximately a quarter of the extensive forests of Tunceli was deliberately set alight, causing grave ecological damage in one of Turkey’s last rich forest areas.

This number was, surprisingly perhaps, confirmed by the Turkish government, in response to parliamentary questions from a Kurdish delegate. It appears today as the position of ultranationalists see, e.

‘Resmi raporlarda Dersim katliamı: 13 bin kişi öldürüldü’

Several military campaigns had taken place but had brought only limited successes. In contrast to state-centred rightist or leftist traditions — which explained the high number of civilian dead to be collateral damage of a necessary campaign against raloru rebels — recent scholarship elaborates on the problematic aspects and the victims of the Dersim campaign.


Forest fires have been lit almost throughout the entire province. As this table and the more detailed maps and tables that follow show, it was especially the northern half of Tunceli province that suffered from derism fires and village evacuations and demolitions. Forced evictions continued throughoutif anything at a higher pace than the preceding year.

He also emphasised the work of reconstruction, which he illustrated with photos and a plan of mostly military buildings. The present province of Tunceli, however, is smaller than historical Dersim. This is the serial number given to the village in the census. As the maps and accompanying lists show, the rural parts of this distinct region are now largely depopulated; if its inhabitants are not allowed to return to their original villages, far more than raopru and a few hundred villages will have been destroyed — we will have lost one of the most distinctive traditional cultures of Asia Minor.

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Rapidly deteriorating living conditions caused many to leave their villages without being derrsim compelled to do so. Nevertheless, the PKK has been able to kidnap tourists and soldiers and rapou them as hostages inside Turkey for weeks. Of theinhabitants of these detsim, according to the Minister,had left. The operations continued through most of November but the volume of evictions declined, apparently because there were few inhabited mountain villages left.

Thousands of families lost their houses. This changed with the campaign of summerwhich employed massive violence against the whole population, even beyond the parts of Dersim that did not surrender and that had been declared prohibited zones under the Law of Settlement. Tunceli, especially its northern part, has always been a culturally distinct region; its population constitutes a religious and linguistic minority within a minority.

Helicopters were also used in some raids on villages.